Scammer Alerts

It is important to have one place where we can share bad practice / scam projects because it is (unfortunately) happening, and this way we can help & secure community members, investors and our own projects!

We want to alert everyone of this project URUNIT and their CEO Roman Grushkovsky using this profile whom we conducted a sizeable token swap in Jan 2019.

Two months later, we were informed they have cancelled their project but they did not return our LVX token to us. Despite us trying to contact them numerous times, the CEO Roman Grushkovsky did not respond to our requests for return of our token.

Then he moved our tokens and tried to dump it in the exchange which our token is listed on.

If you are dealing with or considering to deal with this person, please be forewarned of his totally irresponsible and dishonest character.

We are posting this to protect the value of our token and our investors. Level01 is a very serious project and we have the potential to yield high returns in the long run. Forbes recently ranked us as the No.1 Blockchain Company to watch in Asia.

Also, is good to be followed! Because it is community-based, and updated. We requested project URUNIT to be listed there, too!