RSS doesn't have <pubDate>

I’ve been using HackerNoon’s RSS feed, but I regret the XML doesn’t have <pubDate> elements per item. To have it just the way I like I’ve been working on my own RSS reader, which sorts all the posts from all of the feeds chronologically. With the <pubDate> missing, the feed reader defaults to the current time, so when new HackerNoon posts roll in, they’re all dated the same instant and appear as a single block on the time-line. With a <pubDate> value set to the real entry date of the post, posts would spread nicely along the timeline like most other feeds.

Wut?! I though I’d check if hackernoon/feed still doesn’t have <pubDate>, but it does now! Thank you!!! Whomever made it work. The HackerNoon posts are now neatly spread over my time-line RSS reader. :pray::pray::pray: