RRMine -- Let's Reform Mining Together!

RRMine https://www.rrmine.com/ is a newly launched bitcoin cloud mining peoject, aim to help users to obtain Bitcoin safely and easily.


RRMine Platform Digs Mine, Users Enjoy Net Bitcoin Return

1.Flexible investment types: Users can buy out 1-month, 3-month and 6-month cloud Hash Power contracts according to their own needs to obtain the right to corresponding income Bitcoin.

2.Exit security: when the contract expires, the user can choose to continue holding Hash Power or transfer it. The RRMine platform guarantees that the cloud Hash Power purchased by the user can be purchased by a third party or bought back by the platform at the original price, and the user can recover the cost.

3.Diversification of income: RRMine further innovates in finance and digitizes Hash Power based on “cloud Hash Power mining”. besides obtaining bitcoin income through mining, users have solved the liquidity problem of Hash Power assets in the secondary market, allowing users to obtain greater returns at minimum cost.

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