RP2040 VS ESP32: Which one is better?

RP2040 and ESP32 are all microcontrollers. This article is going to talk about the differences between them.


The Raspberry Pi Pico is a beginner-friendly microcontroller board that uses MicroPython to provide a warm introduction to the IoT branch and microcontrollers. The RP2040 is a well-designed microprocessor that may be used in practically any IoT project. It has sufficient power to get the job done efficiently. ARM M0+ is the CPU type for the dual-core processor. All of these capabilities for about $4 is a fantastic price, especially for students who want to board for a variety of projects that do not require wifi access.

The ESP 32, on the other hand, is a small but powerful microcontroller board. It is a very well-developed microchip that may be utilized in a variety of IoT applications because of its low cost, low power consumption, and small size. This microcontroller board, on the other hand, has earned a reputation as one of the best boards for IoT developers because of its wireless connectivity and other fascinating features.

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