Revolutionary artificial Intelligence Powered Decentralized Exchange

Meterqubes is a technologically advanced platform for a cryptocurrency exchange that has featured many fancy trading tools for its clients. A Crypto Exchange is a platform where you can exchange your digital assets with other digital assets. Today we know of many Crypto exchanges, but the question that arises here is how MeterQubes marks a difference among them? It is because of the exquisitely refined features that Meterqubes provides from the platform that sets it apart for its clients.
Meterqubes is a decentralized trading platform, offering both trading and direct token swap facilities to its users. It’s an Artificial intelligence-based Exchange, where you can trade your digital currency with complete access to information about the market trends. Tools offered to users include predictive algorithms, sentiment analysis scores, trading bots, algorithmic trading, token graphs …etc.
With our Artificial intelligence-based predictive algorithms and sentiment analysis scores, we make sure that our clients obtain the best user experience. Such artificial intelligence-powered recommendation algorithms will smoothen the trading paths. These advanced tools will brief you on market trends and opportunities to maximize your trading profits. That’s not all, we have equipped our platform with a unique sentiment analysis tool that is based on research made through different blogs, social media platforms, and articles. This will allow our clients to have exclusive insight on the direction and the interest of the crypto market.
Quboid, which is Meterqubes flagship trading bot, is an artificial intelligence-powered trading bot equipped with deep learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, which allows it to crawl into blogs and social outlets in order to provide the user with the market sentiment, direction, and conditions. As a trading bot, it also allows for what you probably already know, which is to connect to the exchange after gaining your permission and automate your trading based on your preferences. The purpose of such a tool is to access the market and make money without wasting much of your time. So, Meterqubes is equipped with Quboid as a trading bot tool for our customers to be able to understand the market at any given time and automate their trading.
Some of the most important features of Quboid are :
• Easy to use (No coding experience required)
• Server-based automation
• Build personalized trading strategies
• Trade-over-time Optimization
• Back-testing
• Simulated Trading (Paper Trading)

A decentralized exchange offers complete sovereignty over your assets, unlike a centralized exchange. This ensures that our money is in safe hands and is safe from fraudulent activities. Meterqubes is built on the highly valued decentralization rules of hydro protocol. This system ensures that during the trading process our clients retain full control and custody over their own assets.