Review time taking more than 5 days to complete?

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I have submitted an article this Sunday afternoon, and have been waiting for a review since then. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could take a look at it:

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Hi Art, I was reading this story before. Overall, I like this story, but I noticed that you put a link to tracking software and this is a red-flag for us. If you promoting a brand, product or service - we have a good solution that have great ROI. we have brand-as-author stories credits. Tell me if you interested to explore it and i’ll give you more details for that. At this moment I cant publish this story without edits.

Tell me what do you think,

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Ok, not sure what will be our next moves. Story is good but i need to reject it for now. If you make some changes, you’ll be able to resubmit the same article later.

To resubmit:

  • Purchase Brand As Author Credits here
  • Complete your Hacker Noon profile with your Brand details such as logos, social media accounts
  • Hit ‘Submit Story for Review’ under ‘Story Settings’ in your story

Did you know that Salesforce, Heroku, BeSeen (earlier Indeed Prime), and 20+ tech companies are Hacker Noon Brands As Author?

In case of any queries. feel free to reply here.

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