REST migration to GraphQL- any experiences?

I am developing a hobby project that could potentially go in production. The stack is:

Angular (Front)

I see that there is a deluge of companies doing this nowadays. I saw every major player has already done it (github, twitter, airbnb et al), and many more are jumping the ship from REST to GraphQL.

It also makes sense because of the fine grained control over network queries it brings.

I also found this great resource called apollographql.
But I am quite skeptical about this 3rd party solution and I believe there should be a way to incorporate this straightway especially since my project is NOT quite big yet.

Is there a step by step way to make this happen? I am quite rigid in terms of my existing stack so it better be Javascript and Typescript. Some example would be great too…

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i’m working on the same thing.
Not a lot of things done, but i collected a lot of links to read

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