REST in peace? Hello to GraphQL


I just started to explore graphQL ecosystem, but so far it looks very promising for me.
Let’s chat here and explore it together. Or maybe you’re using it for the last few year and can tell us something more?


That title though… :laugh: Brilliance.

I explored GraphQL a wee bit, a year or two ago, and it was like a breath of fresh air. It’s like the declarative side of API design – instead of imperatively coding every API endpoint, you declare the shape of the data on the backend, and the data you want on the frontend, and…hey presto! You have data. I think the hard part would be keeping the data declarations in sync with your actual model layer, but given a reasonable test suite, that’s a non-issue. It’s the same problem you’d run into with a REST API, but the bugs would be more explicit and easier to track down.

Of course, I’ve only explored GraphQL in passing, and I could be wrong. I’d love to hear from someone more experienced in GraphQL as well!


I told my friend nowadays - after he watch a workshop for GraphQL - he is a React Frontend dev:
"You’re so lucky, because you don’t realize how hard it was to build something custom and complex 5-8 years ago. It was a really Wild West

  • You need to create cool looking web page, but also support old IE.
  • You don’t know about editing *.po files in order to translate website.
  • You don’t get money for code WordPress.
  • You don’t know how hard but cool it was to code at Zend Framework.
  • jQuery Sliders - OMG… custom select/combox - uhhhh
  • complex SQL queries/Views"

GraphQL, React components, npm modules, Machine Learning - it’s like Edem right now

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Oh god. 8 years ago I was writing a Rails monolith using jQuery on the frontend with @Dane :laugh: those were the…days?

You nailed it man. Supporting old IE, jQuery plugins, SQL bullshit…I feel like we’ve come so far but at the same time all these new frameworks/libraries/databases/etc. have just created problems and fatigue of their own.


This is why it’s hard to beat Dane in chess. He knows all tricks!


Lol, nice title!


I steal it

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