Requesting review of my Hackernoon story

Can anyone please take a look at my story? I submitted it 3 days back in hackernoon.
Here is the link:

Hi @braelyn-dawn by our guidelines this story promoting a brand and should be rejected.
Do you want to post it anyway?

btw, main thread for review requests is here: Requesting review of my Hackernoon story

Yes, I want this content to be posted. I will ensure you that I will create a brand account and post the further contents.

Thank you!

Hi there @utsavjaiswal

I submitted a story for review 5 days ago, but still have not got a reply. Is there any chance to check with you whether the editorial team has gone over it?

The link to the submission is here:

I would be super grateful for your prompt response.

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Hi, Still my hackernoon blog is in pending review.

@braelyn-dawn share me your link again. Maybe it’s better to create brand account right now and submit this story from it?