Request to review my post

Hello @arthur.tkachenko

I request you to review my article:

@Limarc @marina.zinchenko @arthur.tkachenko

I see you have edited and published my post. Can I re-gain the contextual link in the post?

My link didn’t promote any product or services.
Please let me know.

Hi Ashley,

I hope you’re well.

Thanks for your inquiry. I was the one that removed that link for a variety of reasons:

  1. Your anchor text was “Cyber Range Training” which is the most important keyword for this article. One of the most important SEO rules is not to send backlinks to keywords you want this article to rank for. It does not make sense to write an article about Cyber Range Training and then send people to another page to learn about the same thing. If you want to do that, one option may be to add a sentence at the end of your article saying: “For more reading on cyber range training, check out this guide.” <- in which your link is anchored not to the important keyword.

  2. There are no other links in this article whatsoever (internal or external) which leads one to believe that this backlink is promotional. We have had a problem with writers selling backlinks on Hacker Noon (which is against our rules) to brands and we have created stricter editing rules to combat this problem.

  3. While the page you linked to is contextual, it is on a brand’s page “Cloudshare” that sells solutions, services, and/or products for profit.

I hope this makes sense to you, and while I may be wrong and your link may indeed not be promotional, the most important reason I removed it is due to reason #1 above.

Please let me know if you have any questions, as we value your writing on Hacker Noon and want to make sure our rules are clear and that you don’t run into this problem again with future articles.

Hey Limarc,

I am doing great and I hope you are doing well…

I understand the guidelines. Thank you for your explanation.