[Request for Story Review] Fraud Prevention Hackathon Experience - 7+ days since submission

Hi Linh, Storm, and Ethan,

I would like to get your help to review the story about my hackathon experience working on a Fraud Prevention project for eCommerce platform:

Fighting eCommerce Fraud: What We Built at JunctionX Singapore Hackathon

Thanks for your time to review! @linh @Storm


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Hi Chip, reviewing this story right now.

I’ll update the titile, but if you don’t like it - you can change it back.
I update formatting a bit, to make it more easy to read.

And I removed the bottom part of the article. I’ll advise to update your profile and put social links here. Also you can put link - madebychip into CallToAction section at your profile. go to app.hackernoon.com/profile and explore it please. I’m sure you’ll like it :slight_smile:

tell me if you’ll need some help about it.

you can take a look: https://hackernoon.com/fighting-ecommerce-fraud-what-we-built-at-junctionx-singapore-hackathon-qf1303tkc