Republishing with Hackernoon - Clarification About the Clap Button


I think we discussed it somewhere in the facebook group but I wasn’t able to find it…
Is it possible to republish an article from Medium that I published with a certain publication(not HN) with HN?

  • and while we’re at it, what potential exposure could an article get via Hackernoon?(new vs old)
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Great question @Johnnydn.

If you published your original article on another Medium publication, AFAIK you’d have to remove it from that publication for it to be featured on HN, as Medium won’t let the same story live on two publications.

If, however, you’re referring to a publication/blog outside of Medium… it’d need to be a story we think has the potential to shoot the lights out in terms of adding value to our audience, as we’re naturally going to favour previously unpublished content.

In terms of potential exposure, when you say ‘new vs. old’ - are you referring to new vs. old content, or the old platform vs. Hacker Noon 2.0?

Either way, HN currently averages around 200,000+ daily visitors, and 8,000,000+ monthly pageviews. And, if your article’s not getting the exposure you feel it deserves post-publication, you can always chat to the editors about what we can do to amplify its reach.


Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

New vs old - talking about old platform vs Hackernoon 2.0.

I see, alright would consider that and thanks again for the response


Cool. If you’re looking to submit something republished elsewhere, please do go ahead and submit via There are always ways we can tweak and improve for our purposes, such as changing the headline slightly for better SEO, etc.


Who would be an editor that could be available to maybe help me get some more exposure for an article I solely published with you? It honestly did not get any signficant exposure so far.


Are you referring to the story you’ve linked in your comment? If so, please elaborate on the kinds of exposure you have in mind?


Yes I am, any ways you see fit to publish an article under your publication to the relevant audience.

I can tell you that since I posted it via HN I recieved up to 20-30 daily views tops. While when I published via other publications like UX Collective I saw views in the far hundreds… And on the first day even very close to 1k(they pushed it in their newsletter, twitter, feature in website I think)


Hey @Johnnydn I looked into your story, and for some reason it didn’t get picked up by our RSS feed. The RSS feed averages ≈ 750 reads per story, but yours is 86. Medium currently powers the RSS feed, so I am unsure why this happened… I wouldn’t want to speculate about why the content of this story could have affected why it got blocked from our RSS feed, and possibly our followers on medium…

Sorry we didn’t do our best job distributing this story. With most stories, our distribution performs much better. Seo rankings are still solid:


Hey David, thank for the reply I am not sure if it is connected but it might be the reason and can help you improve the system.

My story was published on my medium and was without a publication for a while, not sure exactly how loong but I believe about a month or more.

When I decided to publish it with Hackernoon it already reached a certain audience about 2k viewers something about it.

Could that be the reason it did not get more exposure after publishing with HN? If so I would love to learn why? (From your stand point not Medium’s…)