[Report] $3.28 billion from 6 major blockchains - Q2 dapp market report


Overall Market

  • Dapp stays strong in Q2 with a total transaction volume of $3.28 billion, slightly higher than the amount in Q1 this year.

  • Slow down from the bull market? No. The number of active users (1,159,482), amount of transactions made ($324.63M), amount of transaction volume in Q2 had reached the all-time high.

  • 484 new dapps have entered the market this quarter. Ethereum is still the first choice for developers, followed by TRON and EOS. Newly launched blockchains like TomoChain and IOST are quickly expanding but the first tier blockchains have already gone way ahead.

  • Users are getting more active. Over 700,000 new users started using dapps (at least once) in Q2 - the highest ever in one quarter. And among the 6 blockchains, over 35% of the existing dapp users used dapps at least once in Q2 - also the highest ever.

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