Recommended resources and practices for writing more?


I am looking to write more in general but especially opinion pieces and fiction.

I have numerous pieces in various stages all sitting there unfinished, unedited, and unpublished.

The problems I most often encounter is the research part specifically knowing how much is enough and how to incorporate it into an article that still offers a compelling read.

Also often when editing I begin to question everything I wrote and then usually put off finishing the editing and publishing in favor of rewriting better “someday”.

What would be your recommendation on resources to learn more about writing and editing as well as specific practices or methods that you have found help with overcoming the fear of publishing your work?



My recommendation would be to hit “publish” more often. I know it’s hard – I’ve had to overcome fear of publishing myself, as part of my work here at Hacker Noon. It’s all too easy to edit endlessly, to put off publishing for fear of missing a “better” piece down the road. But will that day ever come?

In my experience, no – you’re better off publishing something decent now than publishing something “perfect” at some unknown date. It’s the only way your writing will get better, to get it out there and get feedback. I’d be happy to help review some of your pieces and get them out there, if you’re interested! Feel free to DM me on here.

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I wonder what it would be like if you take the “publish” button out of the equation. Imagine a blogging tool that automatically publishes whatever you’ve written for the day at a certain time…NO MATTER WHAT. If you haven’t written a single word, it would actually publish a blank post with a random message like Crickets chirping in the night...

Auto-publishing might seem like a really stressful thing but sometimes that little bit of stress can help drive a positive habit of daily publishing. I’d be tempted to write using a tool like that.



Hey thanks for the advice @austin !

I will definitely get in touch with you soon about reviewing some of my pieces when you have the time. I think editing really slows me down largely due to a lack of understanding on what to look for and everything to consider. It’d be great to have your insight on not just what I may need to fix but also how I can catch that through my own initial editing in the future.



@Dane Your concept reminds a bit of this app I saw awhile back…

It’s similar but without a forced public publish at the end.



Anytime @txredking! Scope is a huge problem. It’s like the 6 degrees of Wikipedia game…everything ultimately boils down to philosophy, and there’s a ton of room in between for explanation and elaboration. I guess the question to ask is: who is your audience? Can you assume your audience knows certain aspects of the problem, that you wouldn’t have to explain?

I’d like to end this post by quoting Kurt Vonnegut, who always steals the show:

Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.

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