Reboot: A New Operating System for Humanity

Thank you HN team and community for all of your energy on this platform - I am so grateful!

Just published Reboot: A New Operating System for Humanity

Would love to hear your feedback :blush:

Back to writing after a very long time in hermit mode in the midst of a huge transition in my life, and one of the biggest transitions for all of us in history. It is my first time ever publishing for myself. Not for money. Not for a “job”. Not for selling something. Just simply for the sake of expression, without a goal, or expectation.

It is difficult in this world with such a twisted values system to feel like being is enough. We are often valued by what we produce, and actions and the destination are commodified, with very little value placed on experience, or the work or energy in between… It is incredibly difficult to deprogram this conditioning and fully embrace abundance and the non-linear nature of nature’s processes happening through us, and know that our very existence has value.

The creative process can be a struggle, and I’d be lying if I said getting this out of me was easy. It oscillated between laying on the floor feeling worthless, to trying to wrestle the words out (Hint: it doesn’t work), to feeling on top of the world, to laughing from a kind of madness or release. I am still not sure this piece is really finished… :thinking:

Now more than ever we need to create and express. Now more than ever the best political protest is to follow our soul’s calling, even when it’s difficult. It’s hard to break the chains of self-imposed limitations - scarcity and money, the what if’s and the fear of our own greatness, or that we won’t be great enough.

Thank you Jeff Emmett, Camille Corti and Bryan Doreian for holding my hand along the way! To Nanu Nomadia, Daniel Jeffries, Brittany Kaiser and Kenn Bosak for inspiring me!

Here’s one small step in the direction my heart is feeling into. I wish you the courage to follow your calling, and write me if I can hold your hand to do the same :blue_heart:

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”
― Rumi

Know that no matter how much darkness we might be seeing now, the light is definitely on the other side. There are some incredible things happening now and people working around the clock to forge a better way forward… hope to share more stories about it soon. Until then… :green_heart: