Reacting to stories with emojis


One concept for 2.0 we’ve been exploring is the ability to contextually react to Hacker Noon stories using emojis. This is loosely inspired by Slack emojis which are a great way to give the writer a lot of feedback with a minimal amount of effort.

These prototypes are very much a WIP so any feedback on improving the design and interaction would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to fork a Codesandbox project and help iterate!

Emoji Reactions v1 (code)

Emoji Reactions v2 (code)

For v3, I’m planning on building on the v2 concept. I find that hovering over a paragraph and seeing the emojis is a bit distracting. Instead, I think it makes sense to show a persistent muted number representing the number of emojis given in the right paragraph. If you hover over the number, you see the emoji options. I might also work on an interaction for selecting from a broader set of emojis.