React Native vs Flutter: What to choose in 2020

React Native vs Flutter: What to choose in 2020

React Native with JavaScript and Flutter with “dark” Dart are both highly successful, multi-platform application development techs forming talks and news. In this study, we will make a detailed cross-review from both developers’ and clients’ perspectives.

I think in this picture the listing of the example apps are mistakenly in reverse.

Wow, indeed. Apologize for my carelessness and thank you for your attention to the details.

You should fix that. It’s very hard to take the article seriously with such egregious errors. You have the languages the wrong way around to.

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That’s where I stopped reading

Well, that depends on the specifics of your project and the balance of your team’s skills.

  • Do your developers know Dart? If yes, then programming with Flutter will be a walk in the park.
  • Are your developers fluent in JavaScript? If yes, then React Native seems the logical choice.
  • Do you want to build your app’s GUI using native UI components? If yes, choose React Native.

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Just want to share some great stuff here as well. It’s an article I’ve accidentally bumped into recently. Most of the people love to use cross-platform technologize that helps them to use on multiple mobile platforms.While React Native was introduced earlier and immediately gained popularity, Flutter is still claimed to offer better features compared to it. In this article, we will see how Flutter confronts developers’ favorite, React Native.