Reaching out to Hackernoon Customer or Community Member

This is my first time posting to Hackernoon.
I’ve tried reaching out to Hackernoon team, I’ve sent out several emails and received no response over the days. My colleagues were able to reach out to you guys based on his experience whereas no one even responded to my email. My Story was rejected and I thought I put in a lot of effort to make the content worthy to be published on Hackernoon.

Aside from this, I purchased an author credit - which I technically have no use for now. I’m totally unaware that you had to pay to get your article moderated. Please do refund me the money because this isn’t a practice I have seen any publication do before.

I’m completely new to publishing on Hackernoon, it would have been great if someone could have addressed my questions earlier. It would be great to have someone email me after all this time. - even if you are not an admin (cause this should be a big community, people should be communicating, so I’m happy if anyone can explain to me what author-credit and how the process of refunding it. Perhaps I’ve done something wrong with submitting the story.)

I’m a writer for Dailyhodl and I was close to buying 12 credits because I wanted to publish my content hackernoon > Please reach out to me