Python vs PHP: Who Will Win the Ultimate Battle?

Python vs PHP: Who Will Win the Ultimate Battle?

When it’s about Python vs PHP, I certainly feel that Python is used for general purposes as similar to Java. With great choice of libraries Python can be used for developing scientific and AI/ML applications. PHP is open-source, offer exceptionally straight-forward, and case sensitive. For all this, PHP became the favorite most programming languages among web developers.

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My bet goes to Python.
I don’t see a lot of students, that want to use language for grannies(PHP).

I’m a PHP Dev but moved into JS. Just because it gives more abilities and evolving more quickly.

Another point - Python is a great language and a lot of universities teaching it to students as the first language.

Next point - a lot of people using Python for Machine Learning purposes. So I think it makes it pretty hot on the current market.