Publishing The Little Bitcoin Book: From Conceptualization to Global Distribution in 14 Days

Publishing The Little Bitcoin Book: From Conceptualization to Global Distribution in 14 Days

On August 3rd, 2019, I found myself at the front door of a large suburban home in Redwood City, struggling to enter the correct key code. It was four in the afternoon — the house was backlit by a golden Californian sun floating in a deep blue sky — and I had a week’s worth of clothes and equipment in my backpack. Eventually, my friend Alena opened the door, saving me from further embarrassment. She’d been there an hour already, she explained, but everyone else was still in transit.

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Thank you so much for publishing this Luis! I am doing my own book sprint with the Leonie Dawson mama community next month, and your experiences are really helpful. Heal Your Money is the working title!

If you guys ever need a volunteer copywriter/editor in the future, I would totally apply for the job! I’m a Taiwanese-American Gemini, born in Alaska. Half sound guy, half yoga therapist. Currently slow traveling in South America. 95% financially independent. 100% well-adjusted #aspiegirl.

^Holy shit, I think I just wrote my new bio!

I am not a coder, but have been a user since Pine in 1992, and came of age in MOOs and MUDs…(Btw it’s so nice to feel at home again, here!) So not a coder, but I am a bridge builder. “Community Cultivator” is what I like to call it!

As for writing platforms, I know that the guys over at TheMinimalists love Scrivener.

I found it a bit tedious when I first tried it 2 years ago, but maybe it’s improved since then! I’ll definitely investigate Notion and Bear this week though, for e-book publishing.

Thanks again for the heads-up on Amazon and G Docs! :pray:t5:


Glad you found it useful! Good luck with your book!

Wow! 14 days and a book is ready for sale. Impressive.

Now, what you might try doing is planting a tree or two (maybe, the more the merrier) for every book you sell. Won’t that be another accomplishment and a great addition to an already amazing story?

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You know, the fact that you people wrote a book that explains bitcoin and its socio-economic in non-technical is such a great idea.

We need to take the masses into the world of blockchain and bitcoin slow and steady. Otherwise, it could be a nightmare for them. It was for me, initially. Thankfully, I was too curious to let it be.

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Satoshi would be proud of you people. :wink:

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