Published story broken img [solved]

hello. Dear hackernoon editors. I appreciate your work. I do know that your count and time are definitely limited. How can we make your life easier? Now I have no idea what happens if I hit save and publish on published story.
I just hope it doesn’t send email. Because the published story has key animated gif image broken. image was shown in preview and editor just fine thou.
rightclick ano open in new tab shows strange error page .

400 : BAD_REQUESTCode: INVALID_IMAGE_OPTIMIZE_REQUEST ID: cdg1::lshs5-1624075578311-4f41784efcc2
I tried reupload smaller gifs 3 times but nothing changed.And I feel guilty now for hitting that publish button 3 times.Ups…Sorry. Should I be trying to reupload different image? or just wait? Should we follow some reasonable guideline regarding how often we should mash that publish button so that we can fix but don’t abuse you? How you editor guys see it?

Yay. It works now. Thank you guys. ;D