Published but still draft?


My story is tagged as published but still display in the draft section and when I look at the stats it shows that I don’t have any published story…?

What’s the issue? @CtrlAltDelete


Hi @bmarquie

This was a strange bug. I just looked into it a bit and republished. Can you check now if it shows as published?


Limarc Ambalina

Thanks for the help!

So here what I can see now: when I click on my profile, I see 2 identical stories now: the first one that was half published and the new one that you just published
When I look at my stats, I see the 2 stories too. Except that the half published one is greyed without any stats.
When I click on my “stories”, and then “published stories”, I see only one.

Well, I think I’m good like that: I already advertized the first story that was half published, so If ever you find a way to fix this duplicate issue, please do keep the first URL valid. Else all my post (on linked and twitter) are going to be broken.