Published a Story But can't find it in my dashboard

Hi @Hackerhodl, @arthur.tkachenko

I have a story published but can’t find it in my dashboard can you please check the issue?

Many Thanks

anyone? @David @arthur.tkachenko

Hi @shahmeer.
Btw, now the easiest way to ping us is our contact form:

Can you tell me more about your problem?
You cant see your article under the “published section” or do you want to check views on your article?


Hey @arthur.tkachenko,
That’s awesome will next time contact you through this link.

Yes I can’t see the article under the published section plus my stats tab isn’t showing any results it just displays “fetching stats”

let me ask our developers about it

Hey shahmeer, definitely something weird happened in the database to look into, but I believe I have fixed your particular issue, if you’d like to check again.

Hi @rjkubina, thanks for instant support. The issue is resolved. Man you guys are awesome!! Thanks

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