Programmed obsolescence: myth or reality

The truth about programmed obsolescence

It is widely accepted that some TVs, smartphones, and other technological gadgets, have a deliberately short lifespan, which will force you to replace them, is what is called β€œO.P.” Programmed Obsolescence.
β€œThey no longer make them as they used to,” says the idiom. So it would seem for the centennial light, an amazing record, 115 years, after someone first turned it on, this bulb still shines faintly in a fire station in Livermore, California.

Some manufacturers are accused of practicing programmed obsolescence with some of their products.

 In 2017, this term made the headlines. Opening an investigation against printer manufacturer Epson, apologies of Apple, who admits to having slowed down his old iPhone models.... The subjects where this practice is mentioned are multiplying. And his job is very divisive.

      Understand what programmed obsolescence is

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