Profile Call to Action: What's Yours?

After people read my stories, I’m thinking, maybe meet up?


I have a few ideas for this:

  • Link to my Github, or a specific project on Github.
  • A Patreon link (or similar) where people can “tip” me for my stories, if they enjoy them.
  • Link to a charity, like Doctors Without Borders or Amnesty International. They need it more than I do.
  • Promote efforts like Women Who Code, or similar efforts. Again, they need the attention and promotion more than I need to promote my own projects.

Interesting idea: I could promote one developer who needs a job every month, and link to their Twitter or Github! Of course, this would require a significant amount of time and effort, to vet candidates, but I could also just say “I like this dev, I’m going to promote them”, regardless of their job situation. Something to consider for sure.

Curious to hear what our community will come up with! :grin:


@austin, that’s super nice, especially for the developer that needs a hand on the job search. it would definitely be an interesting thing to see.

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@agnelnieves thank you. This comes from raw experience – it’s just that I’ve been in their shoes, where I’m looking for a job and the search is going nowhere. It sucks, right? Given a place where I can help someone out, I should.

That being said, I’d rather hear about what everyone will use as a call to action on their profile! :wink:

What would you use as your call to action? What’s the wildest use case you can think of? (Can it be exploited?) :eyes:


How about AMA? I sometimes ask an author about his/her articles. I suppose it would be one like or


Honestly this is a big deal for me and the reason is this:

  1. I only write articles about the project which has occupied all of my time and energy for the past year.

  2. This project is being developed as a protocol for peer to peer insurance

  3. I want people to care about peer to peer insurance.

  4. I want to engage people about the subject of decentralized finance.