Previous Article Still on Medium, Been 1 year now [resolved]

Hi @David

Hope you are doing great. I used to write regular posts on Hackernoon.

It’s been 1 year now since I requested to transfer my articles from medium to

There have been no response from your side.
Please look into it.

Here’s the draft link:

Hi @isudhanshu25 sorry for slow reply.
Really hurts to know that we are so slow with our authors.
From the other side- maybe some emails on both inboxes just get buried. Because HN messaged me during transfer as well.

And strange fact about your story - it show “published” status.

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from the other side, I can see your articles inside Hackernoon system:

here is a list of your articles:

let’s do it step by step.
I was able to get first story live:

Hey Thanks for replying. I am submitting new drafts with the previous articles. I will be sharing those draft links as soon as possible.

Thank You for replying.

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You welcome - glad to help

Can we close this thread?