Prevent Your Free Heroku Dyno from Falling Sleeping

Prevent Your Free Heroku Dyno from Falling Sleeping

If you are like me, then many of your hobby projects and portfolio examples are deployed to Heroku. Like Github Pages, it is an attractive option to host your project because it is free. Unlike Github Pages, you can host a server on Heroku, so I use it whenever I need a free place to deploy a full-stack application.

Yeah scheduling would be awesome, I think I’m gonna do that myself too, because in my case my app is only used in Mexico and I know for sure between 12:00 am and 07:00 traffic is almost non existent so I can allow the dyno going to sleep for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Hi. I am new to Heroku and Web Dev in general.

Should this polling app be deployed on to Heroku as a separate app? If yes, then wouldn’t this app go idle after 30mins?

Can you please explain on deploying your code on to Heroku?