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Hi, I’m new in this platform. I have been writing at Medium. Recently I have been added as writer by hackernoon. I made a publication to hackernoon but I have not gotten any responses for my two articles. I could not be able to understand how to get published. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello, I have the same problem and also I am interested in solving that.

@Hackerhodl please check it as well :slight_smile:

@gln and @sumeyra-davran

Please send over the drafts as a DM to this account. Will review it asap.

Apologies for the delay.

@arthur.tkachenko - Thanks.


I have already published them at Medium. I am waiting to be published under Hackernoon Publication. Thank you :slight_smile: @Hackerhodl

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Hey @sumeyra-davran,

Here’s how to submit a story for review on Hacker Noon.

You need to create an account on

Then, go to create a draft and add the contents of your story there

Click story settings, add featured image, add tags, and click submit story for review.

Here is my story. Thank you. @Hackerhodl

@Hackerhodl, here are 3 of my stories:;;
Thank you in advance!

Published your story on our Front Page.

Keep up the good work @sumeyra-davran

Check your DMs

Thank you so much for publishing and your quick reply :slight_smile: @Hackerhodl

Hello I am also same problem faced. Heckernoon community organizers let us know about this please. Thank you!

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Hey @Smith1,

Publishing on Hacker Noon is now simpler than it was on Medium.

  1. Create Account on (by clicking on ‘Start Writing’ at the bottom of the Home Page)
  2. Click on Create Draft and add your story
  3. Click ‘Story Settings’ , add tags, featured image, and click ‘Submit Story for Review’

@Hackerhodl How can I DM you my draft link? It’s been 18 days I’m waiting to get it reviewed? :slight_smile:

Copy-paste the URL of the Draft here. Will be something that goes string.

@Hackerhodl Here’s the draft URL -


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Hey @gautamlakum,

Your story is now published. Great read.

Thanks a ton, @Hackerhodl :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer! but dear I also done that all process for my article submission more than one month ago, I don’t had any update for article publish…

This is my submitted draft dear @Hackerhodl