Plug your tech business here (shamelessness welcome 🙂 )


have at it! please share your details about your business or offering with the Hacker Noon community here.


Hey Everyone,

On April 19-21 Draper University is hosting a hackathon in San Mateo, CA.

We are looking for amazing developers to attend, but anyone is welcome. Please share with your friends.

We have an amazing ecosystem, it’s going to be an incredible experience and we have a ton of exciting prizes/opportunities that we aren’t releasing yet.

Sign up now with the free code: FREEHACK

Let me know if you have any questions.

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This is more so just a trending dev news site. I’ve been trying to expand my wordpress knowledge/experience and wasn’t sure what to create (hence the name).

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Ha great URL. I think coding bootcamps and online dev courses would be great sponsors for you.


Thanks! I was very surprised the domain was available. :smiley:

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Hi everyone, my name’s Kenneth and my business is The Innovation Group. We are an R&D company first and foremost, and we conduct research into emerging tools and technologies to provide training to entrepreneurs, corporations, and other interested parties - in addition to assisting with the creation of core technology and intellectual property for businesses to power their digital presence in the 21st century. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Check out some of my tutorial and informational pieces.

Thanks for reading and I’m glad to be part of this group here at Hacker Noon!


Hello everyone. I am Sanjay, Director of Teclogiq. Teclogiq is one of the leading and most trusted Web and Mobile Development Company with more than 7 years of experience. We offer end to end web based solutions at an affordable price and minimal timeline.

Teclogiq is a full stack web and mobile app development company that offers user-centric product design & engineering services. As a full stack web and mobile app development company, we handle the entire lifecycle of your product like Planning and Strategy, UX/UI Design, App Development, QA/User Acceptance Testing, and Technical Delivery. We use a unique agile development process that gives you control over scope, reduces your risk, and provides you predictable velocity.

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Hard to call it a business! I’ve decided to try the Indie Hacker route and I’m working on a few apps. Feedback welcome! - Slack reminders for GitLab and BitBucket Pull Requests - profitable! - Automatically create Gmail drafts from templates. Originally a tool to help me with sending code-dog emails. I wanted to make it into a product, but it seems like Google won’t let me (waiting weeks and weeks for them to approve the app, and got an email suggesting it might cost me $30,000). In beta now, meaning there is a big scary “This app is untrusted” warning. - Auto Merge GitHub PRs after checks pass. GitLab has this feature, so I “ported” it to GitHub. - Monitor the tech part of the internet for keyword mentions. Originally a tool to notify me when someone mentions one of my apps on the internet.


How do I go about making a plug without responding to someone else’s?


Good question!

Please scroll down to the bottom and click the green reply button. I attach a screenshot here.

Hope it helps!


nice domain name