Please review my story (submitted 9 days ago)

Hi, i don’t see an option to publish your story at this moment - there can be 2 reasons - you deleted your article or not submit it to review.

Hi Arthur,

I didn’t delete it. It’s here . Is it still invisible for you? It seems like you’ve made some edits.

I guess, I made everything as usual, but the article has WIP status at the moment. I am not sure what does it mean: whether I’ve submitted it or not?

Yes I was able to review your content and make some fixes - but still not able to publish your story. maybe you don’t submit it under review.
You should open your draft story -> click on story settings button in top right corner and send story to editors.

then it’ll change it’s status from “WIP” to “Submitted”

Thank you very much for the clarification! It is my third submission to hackernoon, but the first time I cant find the submission button over there.

Instead, the system offers me to buy some credits. I haven’t noticed that before and thought that submission is free. Here is the screenshot. I would appreciate it if you could help me with the matter.

Yes, I checked your article 1 hour ago and find out that one of our editors flag your article as brand story.
One of the reasons - because your profile username is not personal.
Do you think you can change your profile handle - and resubmit your story again?

I didn’t find any option to change the profile username. Is there any?
I very much appreciate your help, Arthur.

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Can you tell me what alternative username you want to have? And it’s my pleasure to help :slight_smile:

It could be

Maya Kirianova

Thanks a lot

i send a message to our dev team

Thank you. If it would be easier, I can register new account and publish this article from it.

What do you think?

i think your handle was updated -
let me reject current submitted story but you can make some minor edits and submit it for our review again. it should help.

I’ve made a few corrections, however, it seems like the interface still the same (the system asks for buying credits). :cry:

Or, you haven’t rejected it yet and I should wait and try once more?

@ [arthur.tkachenko] Should I wait for the opportunity of changing the interface? What about creation of new registration and publishing it again?

hmm, looks i forget about this case. will send message to our developers for clarification

Hi Arthur, Thanks! I will be waiting.

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I was able to open your story - but it still showing me “submit for review” button. I removed brand flag so i think now you’ll be able to submit it for review again.

buzz me please when you submit your story and i’ll try to review it asap

@arthur.tkachenko not it worked, I’ve submitted the article for review.

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I publish it now. Hope to see more new posts soon! Btw, can you update your profile, so it’s not stating that you’re brand :slight_smile: