Please review my story :) [resolved]


I’ve sent my draft 6 days ago but it’s still not published/not feedback received. Could you please review it? :blush:

Thank you so much!!

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Nice, @josberco! You’ll find your story featured on the homepage of today :ok_hand:

Love it when people take something like a Twitter poll and turn in into an article. You’ve inspired me to add your story to this post about writing prompts. Thanks for the idea!

Looking forward to reading your next submission! :clap:

Thank you! I’ve read you post and it’s very helpful to have ideas about writing! We all get stuck at some point and this helps a lot.

Thank you so muhc for featuring my post and using it for your own post. It’s always nice to inspire others :blush:

I hope to have soon more stories to share!

Have a great day!

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