Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Don’t be a stranger, there’s a so much to be learned from each other. I’ve learned so much from reading your stories. So please take a couple minutes to introduce yourself here, and welcome your fellow community members!

Write a short bit about what you do, what you make, your past in tech, why you read, how you write — or list some of your favorite technologies, writers or podcasts—or anything else you’d like to share!


Hey everyone,

Happy to finally have a Hacker Noon community that’s ours :slight_smile: I wrote a bit about myself in this long-winded newsletter. A few fun facts about myself:

  • I’m a mother and I love my baby daughter very much. Family first!
  • Before joining HackerNoon I led the Asia division of a brand new university called Minerva. That job allowed me to travel back & forth between Asia & San Francisco, and that was how I met David, Hacker Noon CEO and my future husband :slight_smile:
  • I was born to a family of musicians. My dad is a professional violinist and for the first 10 years of my life, that’s what I thought I’d do too.

We need more women faces around here so I’d love to talk to any fellow entrepreneur and especially female entrepreneur!



Hi everybody! My name is Austin Pocus, and I’m a Full Stack Developer here at Hacker Noon. I work on a bit of everything, anything that needs to be done. :smile: Specifically, I implemented the backend for the single sign-on (SSO) system you might have heard about earlier today, and next, I’ll be working on the tag pages for Hacker Noon 2.0.

I got into tech because I wanted to make my own video games. Some 15-odd years after I started learning, I still haven’t finished a game, but I have:

  • hacked the sound waves from my guitar with Python
  • built a “subjective analysis engine” that could detect jealousy, humor, etc.
  • co-founded two startups, one of which, YesInsights, was acquired by Design Pickle in 2017

I’ve made a couple of game demos, and I’m currently working on the first game I’m going to finish, on the Pico-8 platform, with my friend Richard in my spare time.

I was drawn to Hacker Noon because: 1) I’m a huge fan of the site, 2) I was a writer before I decided to be a developer, and 3) I’ve always dreamed of building a pseudonymous publishing platform. Hacker Noon is getting me one step closer to that dream, and my role involves a lot of writing, which I absolutely love. :heart:

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


oh - you just added the hacker noon custom emoji library to the software - cool


Hello Fellow Hackers!

Really excited to be part of this fabulous community. A bit about myself:

  • I am a Mechatronics Engineer by training, and I have mostly worked with modelling and simulation of various physical systems over the course of my pretty short career so far. Currently, our team (which works mostly with Teck here in BC) is modelling this bad boy!

  • I love tinkering with electronics and software systems, and I have always loved blogging (that’s how I fell in love with the web :sparkling_heart:)

  • I have worked on things ranging from self-balancing cubes, to hydro-electric turbines and robotic arms. This ping-pong playing robot got me into robotics and automation.

  • I love reading about anything tech related especially AI. That is why I love HackerNoon so much and I am really thankful to @David and @linh for creating this amazing community :slight_smile:

I myself also occasionally write on my blog here (any suggestions for improvement?), and although I am not a contributor for any online publication yet, I truly believe that writers should have the exclusive ability to publish their articles wherever they like and there is no point in hiding these articles behind paywalls. And I am glad that there is a community out here which respects and resonates with this idea!

Looking forward to the exciting times ahead!



Hello everyone! :wave: Tash here, General Tech Editor at Hacker Noon. I help our writers tell their stories, and honestly, it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

I got into tech through the online education industry, heading up the Content division at GetSmarter, a South African startup that was acquired by 2U. After the acquisition, I started leading marketing and content efforts for another startup, this time in blockchain for media protection.

I studied journalism back before Twitter was a thing - so when I saw HN advertising for an Editor I couldn’t resist the synchronous opportunity to return to those roots; taking my experience in the tech industry with me.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, so my extracurriculars are pretty much what you’d expect:

  • I like surfing, freediving and any other activity that takes place in and around the two beautiful oceans we have access to down here :shipit:
  • Same goes for our mountain; trail running race season is starting now
  • I 100% agree with @atifali: I love reading about anything tech related especially AI. That is why I love HackerNoon so much and I am really thankful to @David and @linh for creating this amazing community :smile:

I’d love to chat to any (and all!) of our writers about all things Hacker Noon #Editorial! :catsmile:




Vasyl form Skylum Software here.

I am a senior marketing manager, using advanced analytic technics like econometric models and ML algorithms is my way to solve marketing tasks.

I discover public traded companies and their marketing activities.


Hi all :wave:

I’m Brujo Benavides, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I’m a long distance walker that writes software for a living.
I also organize communities and events around the world.
You can find more about me here or just google “elbrujohalcon”, since that’s my nickname everywhere.



Hello Hackers!

I’m Dane Lyons, and I lead the product team at Hacker Noon. :catsmile: I wrote my first line of code over 20 years ago but my path to writing code for a living has been a bit unconventional.

As a kid, fell in love with chess :chess_pawn: by watching my father and uncle play. Here is a recent Hacker Noon story about programmers not necessarily being good at chess. I generally agree. The two don’t always go together. But in my case, chess has been highly influential in helping me navigate a world where there are a lot of viable solutions. You really have to use your imagination to guess at how each solution is likely to play out and choose the most promising. Currently, my highest blitz chess rating is 1921. My goal is to one day get an IM (International Master) rating.

In high school, I started writing code on a TI-86. I wrote a handful of games while automating and avoiding calculus. To this day, I’m frankly not great at reading math equations. I loved geometry though, I’ve always been more of a visual learner.

I ended up graduating high school early and joined the Marines :eagle: at 17. While that could have been a prime time to develop an academic foundation for writing code, I picked up skills (adaptability & leadership) that have been incredibly valuable as a developer.

After serving in the military for 4 years, I got out and taught myself web development. From there I eventually found a company (Blizzard Internet Marketing :ice: ) willing to take a chance and hire someone with no formal education and no experience.

I’ve spent the last 15 years writing code in startups. I’ve gone through 2 acquisitions, 1 as a founder (Kosmix to Walmart Labs & Knowtify to Kissmetrics).

And now I’m incredibly excited to work with the Hacker Noon team! By giving hackers a platform to share their discoveries, maybe we can help empower and inspire the next generation of code writers. Thanks to everyone here for growing Hacker Noon into what it is today!

Dane Lyons


Hey everyone!

I’m Ethan, the Software Development Editor at Hacker Noon.
After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, I spent about the next 5 years in that industry. I designed sports apparel and team jerseys for professional sports teams across the world. If you’ve ever been to a baseball game when they’ve had a special events night, there’s a chance you may have seen one of my jerseys.

In 2017, I realized I just wanted to do something else. I loved my job, but wanted to learn a new skill, or do something different for a change. I tossed around several ideas before finally deciding that software development would be a good addition to my current skill set. Without any programming experience whatsoever, at about 33 years old, I quit my job and enrolled in a 12 week coding bootcamp at The Iron Yard in Durham. My biggest fear was that I would discover I didn’t like programming, and it would all have been a waste.

However, I found that I loved programming, and even after I completed assignments, I would find fun side projects to fill my free time with.

During this transition period, someone recommended that I start a blog. My initial blog posts were mundane and boring. I finally found my niche writing tutorials based on technologies I was learning in school and on the job. A few months later, I met the folks at Hacker Noon, and began having my posts featured in their publication. I felt like a rockstar when my first post appeared in the publication. Some of my classmates started seeing my posts pop up on Hacker Noon and I quickly became famous in my small circle of influence as the “blog guy”.

Writing for Hacker Noon has helped me meet people I would not have met in any other way. It has introduced me to future employers, and started conversations with other developers, and helped me build my developer network. I cannot even begin to express how much writing for Hacker Noon has influenced my career more than almost any other decision I’ve made.

That’s why, for me, being able to edit other stories on Hacker Noon is the opportunity for me to give back and help other developers become better writers. My favorite thing about working for Hacker Noon has been developing relationships with Hacker Noon writers, and being able to share my expertise (however small that may be). I really want Hacker Noon to be an influential part of their careers as it has been for mine.



I live in Avon, Colorado. I work as a real estate photographer and also in residential and commercial construction/remodeling. Interests include skiing, surfing, travel, adventure. I’m embarrassed to admit i don’t have enough background in tech to fully understand a lot of the stuff i read on here. My only coding experience was some css/html customization on earlier iterations of my photography website. And i did successfully jailbreak an iphone once.

Anyway, I first became acquainted with David at the local gym playing basketball. I wasn’t familiar with Hacker Noon at the time but it was obvious he was passionate about what he was doing and it seemed to take up a great deal of his time and energy. My partner Kelly and i invested in the crowdfunding- more than we otherwise would have(if at all) had i not met David and seen the drive, vision, and focus he, Linh, and their team share in trying to make Hacker Noon the best it can be.

I probably don’t have enough background to contribute a whole lot here but look forward to learning whatever i can. Thanks!



Hi, Mike as well, also do not have much programming in my background. I’m a graphic designer and want to keep up with tech/blockchain trends. I work at a large consulting company and people are often excited about “big data, AI” and those buzz words so this is a great place for me to read. Aside from that I try to stay young by riding bmx, playing games, and have been doing some scale model building.


Hi Vasyl, looks like you’re Ukrainian too!

Adding our traditional paintings to the thread!


Hey Everyone, I’m a Knowledge Officer at U°OS & U°Community.

I’ve been in software for 14 years, worked both on proprietary and open source stuff. I’ve always loved being a part of a team that’s an underdog/challenger on the market and working towards entering the leader territory. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s pretty awesome when it pays off. And it’s always fun.

I’ve worked in backup software, open source cloud storage, a bit in web security, and now I’m in blockchain.

I remember purchasing my first Bitcoin in 2011 (and no, I never made any money off it) because I was curious. What’s funny is that 2011 was also the exact time when I was actively discussing with my friends how we can decentralize the web, and I even though I had Bitcoin on my hands, and never put 2 and 2 together. At the time I perceived it as this curiosity of a p2p electronic cash system, nothing more.

A couple of years ago I started feeling it’d really become unmanageable for me to have a proprietary software day job and spending the rest of my time on blockchain, so I moved to a full-time blockchain job. And I’m really happy I did, because what we are building right now is pretty amazing.

My web page:


Sam here from DigitalOcean! Congrats on launching the new forum :slight_smile: I’m based out of Boston - been working in tech marketing for 10 years and have been happy swimming with the sharks for the past 2. Love being part of an organization that cares deeply about supporting open source and making cloud computing easier for everyone. I’ve been super impressed by Hacker Noon’s growth over the years and fully support the team’s ambitious project of building a new platform from the ground up.


Alan here, first visited Hackernoon on Start Engine while advising on a AI project for MSB.AI if your an Engineer or Maker who might use an AI Engineering SAAS app please watch one of our videos and like the Start Engine heart for updates!
Ive been in IT since mainframes and have varied intrest
I wrote a AI paper thats now being used for Carbon Sequestration By Hago Energetics we are now adding a decentralize IOTA tangle to use as proof of Capacity for Carbon Credits. Always open to Help or suggestions so feel free to contact.


Gokul NK here. I first got curious about programming when I was learning BASIC in class 7. Being able to code and create something made me feel great. In the same year I went on to create two levels of Dave game using BASIC. I still consider that as a great achievement as all of it was self exploratory and without any help. I wanted to show it off to my computer science teacher. But floppy disks were vary unstable during those days. One that worked on my machine at home wouldn’t work on machine at my school and vice versa. I still wish I could have shown those two levels I created to my teacher and got a pat on my shoulder.

I have been working on Open Source and Drupal for last couple of year. Of late I am working on a product called Highlights which helps you make highlights across the web, add notes and tags as you read. It is built on MERN stack. I started learning Javascript for this so that I can help my team out when they are struck. I keep sharing my learnings on medium and that is how I came across hackernoon. Thanks to hackernoon my post on Understanding promises in Javascript got more than 12k claps. I thought not many would have had these questions. But the response proved me wrong. So I now try to share my learnings as frequently as possible.

With out product Highlights we would like to make reading, learning, orgnanizing and sharing learning paths easy for everybody.

BTW @samcoren we are hosting our product on Digital Ocean and we love it.


Hello Folks,

This is HarendraSingh Rajput, People call me “Harry” I am a digital marketing consultant and contributor on many Publishing websites.

I love to contribute to communities and helping startups and small & medium businesses to grow their businesses online.

I have the ability to double any website traffic and convert your small startup into big larger enterprise.

I have good command on latest technologies like Iot for Industries, AR & VR for Branding.

Having an experience about which mobile app ideas and on-demand startup ideas are booming and which will get success.

I love to use Hackernoon from the time of medium from starting of the medium.

Let me know If any one of our hackernoon members need my help or quick strategy to grow your business or anything.

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