Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Hello HN Community!

My name is Javed, I’m a Open Source Developer working in the UK for an agency. I predominantly work with WordPress but can do bits and bobs in Laravel, Shopify, Magento and Umbraco.

I’ve been reading articles on HN for a while now but have never signed up to the community, just the newsletters. I hope to post some articles on here. I have my own site after a long time, a static GatsbyJS blog. I’m going to start blogging on there as well as here. I use to be on Medium but with the paywall fiasco I decided to stop using it.

I hope to make some friends on here and build on my knowledge and learn bits and bobs from everyone on here.

Thanks for having me!


Hello Everyone.
I am Charlie Doe from the USA working as an own business of FiberGlass Supplier.
have the ability to double any website traffic and convert your small startup into a big larger enterprise.

I have good command on the latest technologies like IoT for Industries, AR & VR for Branding.

Having experience with which mobile app ideas and on-demand startup ideas are booming and which will get success.


Hello i am new here, I am Huizhou Kaisheng Industrial Co., Limited is a leading PE foam manufacturer in China . We are a professional rubber and plastics products supplier with an experience of more than a decade. We are located in Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China. As a sought-after PE foam supplier.

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Please guide me i am new here, have a look on Carpet protector manufacturer

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I would like to introduce myself I am senior director of Hongkong (GZ) Grace Shoes Development Co., Limited which is the finest manufacturer of custom made shoes in China.

Hi there ! :wave:

I’m Amalik from France. :fr:

I’m a Product Owner for roughly 15 years now. I really enjoy reading Hackernoon for years now, and I didn’t know this community exists.

I look forward reading from you guys. My favourite topics are data science and crypto currencies, but I would learn anything actually.

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Hi people! My name is Rick and I am new to Hackernoon. I joined because it seems like a really great community to start my coding. Now I am only at the beginning of my journey, but I hope that I will succeed


Hi Everyone!

I’m new here and have an amazing feeling that this is going to be a great forum to be part of.

I’m a content marketer by profession and gadgets fan. Hopefully I can contribute some useful stuff in the future, here.


Hey, I am the growth hacker hired by I am looking for a someone who can help me test hacks on edition of the website. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey guys,

I’m from Ninja Team - WordPress professionals.
I’m a tech enthusiast. Still strugging to be a tech writer, however, as English is my second language. I’m seeking to learn writing styles from Hackernoon writers!

If you care to see my portfolio of WordPress plugins, visit my site.

Thanks to the moon and back :smiley:

Austin, we still gotta finish that game! We should go ape one weekend and wrap it up, B

Hello Charles, which programming languages have you been playing around with?

I am Richard. I write software and music, lil bit of art.

I am working on a roguelike MUD game over telnet (closed source for now); am interested in procedural generation & AI generated content for that.

I’ve done some PICO-8 programming with @austin and a little bit of NES

I am also interested in learning more about the discipline of functional programming, graph databases, biological programming, blockchain. I like chess and am not good at it. I like learning about history. I like thinking about all the natural phenomena going on around the planet and what algorithms sorta replicate them, like weather and hydrology and :exploding_head:


Hi Everyone :grinning:,

I am glad to have joined this great community. I am Emmanuel Torty, a software engineer with a passion for writing.

I deploy my skills is in helping people and companies automate their business processes I currently work with Farmcrowdy Ltd based in Lagos, NIgeria.

I am fluent with PHP, JavaScript and SQL. Recently, I fell in love with Python due to my interests in Artificial Intelligence.

Outside of work, I love to read about tech, listen to good music and travel when I can.

I hope to learn and contribute positively to this community.

Thank you :smile:


I am Stacey Walsh.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

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I am a metal detectors fan
جهاز كشف المعادن

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Hello there :smile: I am a bit late to the party but glad to be here with fellow hackers. I enjoyed a lot of time from the other side, now I decided to jump in and contribute.

This is Sendil here, I am passionate about teaching and open source. That is the reason I am here, to learn from fellow hackers and share with them some stories (playing with that weird 0s and 1s in various abstractions). :heart:

I am a full stack developer and cherish any opportunity to (re)learn. :computer:

Looking forward to hacking / hearing / writing from everyone!



Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been trying to use python

Hello Hackernoon contributors,
My name is Nige, I am employed in Health Technology field, testing to international standards, i work at a major hospital in Australia, so busy at the moment with Covid testing supporting Pathology labs.
I am in this space as I like to solve problems I see some areas where changes in technology can change the way we test and work. So after a local group was shutdown due to covid reaching out to a knowledge base (worldwide) to see what issues people are coming across and maybe we can work together. I have a family and 9 month Kelpie puppy.
Looking at a start up in next couple of months , will be based mainly online will build a workshop in regional area for when i need a place for testing, ultimately work smart not hard.

Hello :smile: , hacker noon family,
I guess everyone here is from a technical background, and I’m no different.
I mostly do coding(I’m a full-stack developer) but other than that I’m a freelance tech writer.
currently, i’m a tech writer at
it’s nice to see you guys