Please Introduce Yourself :-)

one of our editors @natasha just recently moved there!!!

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Hey @Olivier! As Linh mentioned, I just recently moved to Amsterdam. I’d love to meet up over a coffee to learn more about the tech scene here. Let me know if you’re interested!

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You’ve got mail :wink:. Would love to meetup


Hey all :wave:

I am Jesús Darío (twitter @jsdariorivera), I have contributed occasionally to the blog a couple of times in the past with posts like Measuring Developer Productivity and the now outdated Tackling down the app obesity crisis.

I got into tech because it fulfills my “writing” or literacy ambitions, with lines that change the world. I have started a couple of companies (Yeti Smart Home and Scope :microscope: and now work for one of the most brilliant companies in the world, which I won’t mention, but I am very proud.

It has been thrilling to see the community grow so much in the past years. I am very happy that I have contributed somehow to this and thrilled to see where will this go.



As a marketing person, Airwave will be helpful for me…

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Hello Hackers!

Really excited to be part of this fabulous community

Hi everyone I am Hasanuzzaman Sattar from India

I am Electronic Engineer, I have 10 years of experienced in IT Industry.

In December 2009, I gained employment with Hightech Labs in Kolkata for the sake of acquiring professional experience. The fact that I joined as a junior software developer and was promoted to the post of Project Manager after 3 months is proof enough of my capabilities. I worked for another 3 months and now decided it was time for me to become my own boss.

In July 2010, my dream came true; I formed my own company, ALSOFT. Today, after 10 years I am definitely a ‘ready programmer’; ready at all times to take on new challenges. I can handle anything and everything connected with internet technology. I am highly experienced in computer programming with sound knowledge of C and C++ programming languages, Apache web server, MySQL database design and administration, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to mention just a few.

In addition to all this, I am an expert in implementing and planning disaster recovery for data centers; I can manage huge data bases and am outstanding in the field of web software and website design development.

One of my acheivement is developing popular dictionary website, and is now receiving worldwide 8000 visitors per day.

I love my job. Generating software, for me, is the most enjoyable way to spend my days; programming and analyzing problems are the driving force of my life. The people around me, my family, friends, and colleagues all serve to inspire and motivate me.

Hasanuzzaman Sattar


Hi I’m a python fan and learner. I’ve happy to stay with you in this community and feel free to contact me. I hope to learn more from you an about PC programming. I’m an Chemical Engineer graduated in 1971. Actually retired and living in Queretaro, México.


Hi @malik if you want to learn - you can join my team as non paid intern. if you’ll spend some amount of time - i can guarantee you - i’ll made a coding machine from you.
Language is JS.


I am so much interested, I will message you up!

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Hi everyone! I’m new to Hackernoon.

I’m based in Singapore, a data scientist at Alibaba Group, and about to begin my PhD journey in August 2019. My work has been focusing on natural language process and recommendation system, and my PhD focus should be on reinforcement learning. is my personal site, it’s kinda new, any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

My motivation to join Hacker Noon community because I wish to learn more, read more, write more, connect with fellow readers and writers.


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Hello i am Rhein, team member from , a public blockchain from Indonesia, also a crypto & blockchain media. my background is digital marketing & ecommerce…

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Heyo! I’m SupportNoon I’m the bottom feeder of the whole Hacker Noon team…

Lol just kidding! My job is to help with accounts & migration stuff. I’ve been working REAL HARD the past 48 hours. Lovely to meet you all <3

You can check out my site: Hacker Noon Help Section
Or email me:

Happy to be here <3

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I resigned from my last day job in 2016. I’ve been freelance copywriting ever since. I specifically help SaaS companies – like AppSumo, DashThis, Foundr, and Outbound Engine – create awesome content for their followers.

I just (finally) joined Hacker Noon to see what it is all about. I don’t have favorite writers yet, but I’m sure I will soon.

You can find out a little more about me here:


Hello World. :sweat_smile: My name is Devesh and I’m a writer at HackerNoon. I have been writing about WooCommerce and WordPress for over 2 years now. Here’s my medium profile:

Have a nice day!! :smile:

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Hello! My name is Thomas Clark, and i use the online handle “anirath” pretty much everywhere I can. I’m a full time cab driver and school bus driver in Ketchikan, AK. But, my real passion, and side hussle/hobby is Software Engineering & Web Development.

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Hi My Name is Sujit and I am Data scientist
Connect me on linked In

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I am glad to be a part of this awesome community.

I am a virtual assistant and I help business owners in managing their time. I love to talk about the virtual assistant services and wrote a couple of articles on medium and other websites.

If any body wants to know the true potential of a VA, I am happy to have a discussion with them.


Hello, all!
Introducing my name is Deddy and I am a data scientist from a friendly and beautiful country, Indonesia.

I have a company engaged in processing big data and artificial intelligence in Jakarta. It’s very excited to join here.

Success for all of us!


Thanks for Sharing Space!

I have a unique life story that I wish to share with the world.

The Dark Side of Interface

Two years ago I spent some time in Central Florida where I was hacked in my home and made an illegal Test Subject of a Lethal AI-Human Quantum Neural Interface System.

My unfortunate insider experience with this Predictive AI System, deployed and developed as a Weapon, has been direct Brain-Computer Interface.

With illegal Bio-Hacking on the rise, comes new types of Crime, such as Big Data Theft, extracted Live from human targets.

In a Hyper-fast Lethal Interface Combat Setting, Slave Labors such as ritualistic Forced Computation and Code-Breaking are a form of Involuntary Servitude.

Live Neural Networking Hacks are yielding Big Data Fraud, mined from humans and filtered through circuits of Spy Nets and Black Market Trade.

Eventually this Data makes its way into new Technological Advancements such as in Industries, Entertainment, Weapons Tech, Medical, Defense Strategy, Surveillance, Manned&Unmanned Ops, Vehicles, Navigation, etc.

More to Come on AI-Human Neural Net Hacks, Hybridizations and Ponzi Schematics…

Hi all :wave::wave::wave: I’m Marilyn Wo from Singapore.

As a freelance graphic designer turned CEO, mother of two, it’s always less lonely to be a part of communities like this. So great to get to know you guys!

Coding has been my hobby, now I’m trying more advanced ones, will be great to learn from you.

I’m always open to share my journey and design-related stuff if you are interested to know more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Looking forward to your updates!

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