Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Hey Angelo, that’s great you are wanting to build a community. It is not easy, especially if it is to be a productive one. Please choose wisely which platform you choose. Many of them are content-sensitive and can banned you at a drop-of-a-hat after you invested so much time into it. This video explains it well Good luck! :rocket:

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Hey Jose, Wow that’s some old school coding there. What made you choose BASIC at this time in modern computing history?


Thanks for your interest. :slight_smile:

Believe it or not there is a huge community out there wanting still to programming these computers.
Most of them only know ASM and / or BASIC. For the latter I create this tool as an amusement and, to my surprise it got some traction. See here for a list of some programs created with it (mostly games):

On my side, it has helped me a lot to sharpen my skills as a developer, using Git, Python, modern testing tools, etc.

I’m also planning my own language, but that’s another story :sweat_smile:


I believe it, hehe! It’s fascinating for sure. One game that really caught my attention to assembly is Shenzhen I/O. I started reading this book “Language Implementation Patterns”. It should help you start your own coding language.


Hi all,

Glad to be at Hackernoon.

Am David Kariuki. I like to regard me as a freelance tech journalist who has written and writes widely about a variety of tech issues that affect our society daily, including cryptocurrencies, climate change, OpenSim and virtual reality.

Currently, am writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and DLTs.

Am currently pursuing a MSc in Environmental Management at Open University. Always always willing to learn about the things that affect us all the time.

You can reach me at or


We should talk about this! Maybe not in this thread – I don’t want to distract from introductions here – but if you want to start a new thread I am all for it. I started designing my own language for scripting RPGs about a year ago. I didn’t finish, as I got caught up in the rabbit hole that is compiler implementation, but I’d love to chat about language design, what makes a good language, etc. It’s one of my favorite topics, and I’d be happy to help you with your language, if you like. :grin: Feel free to ping me on here or via email (my first name at Hacker Noon). Happy hacking!

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Hey, this sounds very exciting!
Yes, let’s start a new topic about it!!! :smiley:

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@austin I’ve started a topic. Not sure if it needs approval (I’m new to HackerNoon)

Hope it is ok…


Looks great! Threads on here typically don’t need approval, unless the system marks them as spam, so you’re good. :slight_smile: I’ll reply there shortly. Looking forward to the discussion!

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Hello, all. I’m an older tech guy (loves Linux) trying to “shift gears”. Most of my professional experience has been in tech support, including management, but I’ve been out of the corporate world for a while. Self-employed, working from home, taking the occasional j-o-b when needed, I’d like to find a position in the dev/devops world. I spent two years as a build & release engineer way before ‘devops’ was a thing (remember cvs?). How best to proceed in what seems to be a youth-oriented culture? Advice welcome.


Hello) I’m Katarina) I’m a business analyst. I want to help e-commerce businesses develop better.

And I’m working with my cat :rofl:


Hi everybody, hi Nick.

We are a team want to startup with libra network.
For now, we focus on education industry.
For more information, please take a look on the site:

I hope can get the support from the “Community”.



Hello to everybody from Andorra ( a small country at the Pyrenees mountains, between France and Spain borders)

I’m Financial Advisor. International Cert. in Wealth Management, ACSI CISI member.

Interested in new Fintech, DLT Blockchain Technologies and an A.I. enthusiast.

Member of ANDBlockchain Association in Andorra.

Here attached my Device’s history:

My first one… Commodore 64, with a cassette ribbon device and later with a 5 ¼ floppy disk.

Second one… Sinclair Spectrum. Using Basic language.

…then came a Philips 286 PC 20Mh, 1 Mb RAM VGA Mono… using Microsoft Disk Operating System MS-DOS .

Later changing motherboard and increasing RAM, using Windows 3.0, 3.11.

Then came My first Tower PC a DELL computer. Trying to use a Multi-Task OS: IBM OS-2 Warp 4.52 System.

Replaced by Windows 95, then windows 98 and Windows Me (downgraded to W98)

Windows XP, 2003 server, Windows VISTA ( downgraded to Windows XP)

Windows 7, Windows 8, inside a HP Pavilion, changing Ram and Pentium processors ( from Pentium III to I3) trying to reach the maximum transactions’ speed.

And finally Windows 10 inside an AIO ASUS Vivo mini.

During latest years also using a MAC Pro with MacOS system, but only for design, from 10.0 Version “Cheetah” to 10.14 “Mohave”, through 10.9 “Mavericks” and 10.12 “Sierra”.

(Waiting now for 10.15 “Catalina”).


I am Juan Fran, Telecommunication engineer and software engineer. Actually I am working as developer and I subscribe to hackernoon because I want to be updated in new technologies.



thanks for your contribution


Hello All,

Dave here. I am definitely excited to be both a learner and contributor to this awesome community. Tech is something that I’ve been interested in for over a decade now. I write detailed and in-depth tech blogs focusing on the latest technology and innovative strategies and techniques associated with everything tech.

I enjoy writing, researching, and learning new techniques that can help me grow as a person and as a professional. Again, I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait to explore this site even further.


Welcome to hackernoon community, Keep posting and share your knowledge with us.

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I am digital marketer so Looking forward to trying your product…

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Glad to know about you, huge intro with many achievements. Keep sharing your knowledge.

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:wave: hey everyone! As I have been writing for Hacker Noon for quite some time now, I think it is a good idea to introduce myself. Writing is one of my hobbies. It gets my mind of things and relaxes me. I am an real autodidact who is heavily involved in the blockchain industry.

I am the founder of Airwave. Airwave is a decentralized communication and social media platform. It has the goal to bring back ownership of communication to the user by making the user co-owner of the platform. A goal that has an idealistic background as we believe that the centralization of digital communication is one of the major challenges as we face in society today. We have lost ownership of our communication and that in itself is a threat to our freedom of speech.

I am Dutch and I am based in Amsterdam. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As I am always interested in meeting people, let me know if you are planning to visit my hometown. I know I am an excellent tour guide :wink: