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I am Samuel Jirénius,

A developer and software visionary from Sweden, and founder of the open-source project I’ve often read Hackernoon articles (thanks all!), but now I hope I can start contributing.

I will mainly write about building real-time/live APIs, keeping web clients synchronized, working with Go and micro-services, and other related topics.

On the net (like on StackOverflow for Go questions), you might often see me using the blue wolf as avatar:



You totally can! :grin: is currently the preferred route – we’ve been trying to make it easier and easier to get your story in the editorial pipeline. You can also use the linked site to check on your story, if it’s been a few days and you haven’t heard anything.

In Hacker Noon 2.0 (coming soon!), you’ll be able to see when an editor has opened, edited, and approved or rejected your draft in the activity feed on your author dashboard. The whole process will be contained in the app, so it’ll be much easier than the current process (we hope!).

Looking forward to seeing your stories!


Hi everyone! Just started contributing with a brand-new article on China and blockchain, how they are implementing blockchain technologies complying with the Party central control (and, thus, banning cryptos as well). It’s a pleasure to be part of the community!


Hi Hackernoon Community!
I am KB Stowe (Kim) founder of a startup Pixzzart Technologies in London. I manage a small multi-disciplinary team with design / tech projects. It has been following contents by memebers of the hackernoon community on Medium

We are currently working on a unique content service revolutional mobile app with a social networking aspects using Python, Node.js , Redis etc.

Our core value is sustainable positive transformation and good content in addition to giving content creators more choice. I have qualifications in Software Engineering, Computer Systems - Alumni of Kings College, London. Also an ex-student of Central St. Martins in London with experience in product design.

Please those who can support our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo (not a typical platform for tech startup)

We hope you view, listen, learn from the community and contribute to the community. Cheers!

KB from Gistsy


Hi folks,

After quite some time lurking, I’ve decided to introduce myself to the Hackernoon community and start participating more actively! It’s also my birthday, today, so I wanted to set some objectives for myself :D.

I’m Julian, and I manage content and community at TWISPER - an ad-free, and communit-driven app, where users can share and find great restaurants, hotels and bars to visit.

I also moonlight as a professional blogger in my downtime. Alongside Anne-Laure Le Cunff, James Gallagher and Dominic Monn, I’m also an editor and community manager at - an online magazine for indie makers.

Otherwise, for my birthday, I’ve decided to start my personal blog, where I’ll be writing a lot about the internet, tech and content strategy. My first post is on the rise of online communities and blogging. Have a look :D.

Glad to be part of this awesome community!


ah thanks for joining! Happy belated birthday Julian!

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Hello everyone!

Excited to be a part of this amazing community, and just to share a little about myself:

I’m Ingrid, Marketing Manager at Switcheo Network, world’s first decentralised exchange on the NEO blockchain. I manage content, social media platforms and expansion into new communities.

In my free time, I bake and do some road biking on the side. Also very much a social media and tech enthusiast.

If you’re ever in Singapore, say hello! :sunglasses:


A happ warm welcome Ingrid. Great to have you join the community here.


Bill from Northern Virginia.

For background, where to begin. I’ve been interested in tech for a very long time. In high school, began to touch upon electronics. No computers at school, state of the art was typewriters. I taught myself to program on an ancient computer, bought on closeout, which no one has ever heard of. For a little history, had an Intel 8080 CPU, which predates the Intel 8088 CPU in the first IBM PC. What started as a hobby, accidentally lead me to my first job. Doing general programming, creating a network for Mac and DOS machines, and whatever was needed.

In a career spanning over 30 years, I’ve been a programmer, performed component and board level hardware repairs, done support, managed a help desk, LAMP development, service building, among other roles. I’ve done private and public cloud (VMWare, Azure, AWS) and work in Windows, Linux and Mac environments. Coded in more languages than I can count, at the moment bounce around between Shell script, Batch script, VBscript, Powershell, and Python. Starting to pick back up on machine learning after a decade long hiatus.

I am currently a Software Engineer specializing in service automation and DNS/Load balancer configuration using Rest. For fun, I am a maker working in wood, 3d printing, electronics and dable with the Raspberry PI and Arduino for robotics and other projects. Currently watching for the release of the AMD Zen 2 CPUs, My main workstation (Ubuntu) is getting a little old, takes forever to train deep learning models. Time for an upgrade and a decent GPU. Already collecting parts for a new workstation.

The dangers of a hobby becoming a career.


Welcome, Bill. Look forward to your contribution.


Hey!! My name is Hannah!

I’m very new to hacking and programming in general. To be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing, but you guys seem to know what’s up!

If you have any suggestions on what programming language to learn first or of good places to learn programming languages, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much, and it’s nice to be here,
Hannah :grin:


Hey Hannah! You should totally start a new thread on this topic – I don’t want to pile up posts in this thread unrelated to introductions, but I’d be happy to point you in the right direction. You might find this thread useful as well: Best resources to learn programming?

Happy hacking! :grin:


Welcome. I’m an engineer that started in graphic design as well. Now into blockchains. Please ignore the buzz words. People don’t completely understand them most of the time:joy:

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Hey everyone, I’m Kenneth! I’ve been programming for about 30 years and working in IT for about 15. I’m also a professional musician, audio engineer, and technical writer, among other things. I started an R&D firm last year, The Innovation Group, and our focus is on learning the latest technologies of the day and training others in how to get the most of them. I’m currently studying brain-computer interfaces, neural networks, and quantum computing - the fun stuff that will become the staple of tomorrow’s ultra high-tech world.

You can check out some of my work here.

I love to help out with open-source projects and technologies and provide assistance to other developers in learning new things and expanding horizons - so feel free to reach out to me for any help or advice. Glad to be here!


Hello hackers community,

Sanjay here from Teclogiq. I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with 8+ years of Experience and Founder & Director of Teclogiq. I like to write about programming blogs on Angular and AngularJS that you can check here. I can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients depending on the project, what customers need may be a mobile stack, a Web stack, or a native application stack.
I can develop software solutions ranging from simple single page application to highly complex web applications that serving a lot of web traffic.
Feeling great to join hackernoon community and hoping to get some great knowledge here.

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Welcome! Kenneth


Hai, my name is Angelo. Am 23 years old. to be honest i haven’t created any thing smart or big yet but currently am working on my own startup project for gaming community and its fans.
Things i like:

  1. books ( currently reading Beyond Good and evil)
  2. technology
  3. Movies ( something much more philosophical and thought provoking)
  4. favorite character is Joker from DK
  5. Favorite anime is Deathnote.

Finally i have any issue with Identity Crisis or the questions like whats the whole point behind existence in this vast universe.



My name is Jose Rodriguez, from Spain (Canary Islands). Moved to Barcelona for work.
Currently working as Infrastructure Engineer but also have some background in DevOps and as a Developer (mostly in Python, but also other languages).

As a tech-hobbyist I like IA and compiler-related topics. Check my funny project if you’re also interested: a BASIC compiler for the retro-machine Sinclair ZX Spectrum :sweat_smile:


Hi Everyone! My Name is Sharon.

I’m a mother first before anything. I have a degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Up until a few months ago, I was working in a SOC. I’m now a Security Analyst turned writer.
I still love all things tech especially IT Security so i’m loving Hackernoon and hope to be able to contribute.

Nice to meet you all!! :slight_smile: