Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Hey HN folks!

Matthew here - founder of Typito - an online video creation tool for marketers and agencies. More like Canva, but for videos :slight_smile:. Before that, I was with Walt Disney building social games, co-founded a video production agency that created 1 min explainers for brand and also worked with another startup.

Outside Typito

  1. I try to read a lot. My 52 books challenge for 2019. :sweat_smile:
  2. I watch and play football quite often. I was also a coach for U12 team in Bangalore last year - an experience that was enriching.
  3. I try my best to encapsulate my learning via articles / posts. And that’s how I met @David and the HN team!

Look forward to learn from everyone here while sharing whatever little that I’ve learnt so far :slight_smile:. Cheers!


Hi Folks,

I am Ali, the maker of ‘Pages’ app

Pages app was (Pocket + Instapaper + Feedly ) x AI = Pages - Unfotuanlty the app was not a big hit so I made a decision to shut it down, you can read more about it here

Now getting things ready for my next project for a billion-dollar exit :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: :joy:

  • Recently discovered I like to write (never thought I had a writer in me)
  • Learning a lot from my mistakes and trying to fail faster to learn faster

From a hardcore programmer to an entrepreneur, It is quite a journey and I love it, hoping to learn from you guys while being part of this community.



Hello all!

A pleasure to be here! My name is Iliya (ee-li-ya) and I am from Singapore.

I am truly grateful to Hackernoon as they were the first publication that accepts my writing back in early-2018 and now, I write for several publications on topic revolving around technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

My true passion lies in Music. My music journey started when I was nine and I’ve worked professionally as a freelance composer in the media industry, specializing in Epic Cinematic Orchestral and Trailer music for a good 6 years before lady blockchain grabbed my heart two years ago. Due to financial obligations, I had to put my music dream on hold. Long story short, music has taken a step back and I am now working full-time as the Head of Marketing and Business Development for an STO Advisory called Moonwhale Ventures.

For my music stuff, feel free to visit my website: or simply ‘youtube’ my name. :sweat_smile:

Hoping to get to know more people here! Please have a good week ahead! :slight_smile:


Hello fellow Hackers,

I’m Utsav Jaiswal, the Blockchain Editor at Hacker Noon.

Fun-Fact: I graduated as a medical doctor before getting seduced by Blockchain technologies and began designing solutions from scratch.

I call myself the API between the technologists and the generalists and love to make the tech jargon and concepts understandable for the rest of us.

Everyday Geek (we differentiate ourselves from nerds, and they from us). Huge fan of Rap music, computer games, and modding custom ROMs for Android.

Best wishes to the Hacker Noon community to grow and thrive.


Hello people. :grinning:

My name is Filip. I live in a beautiful historical city of Belgrade, Serbia in the heart of south-east Europe (fans of basketball, tennis or Nikola Tesla may be familiar with our country).

I started writing on Hacker Noon recently and I have a really interesting back story to share.

I started learning how to code when I was 12 :sparkles: I enrolled in Information Technology High School and really soon I came out as one of the best developers. Soon we started doing many different apps at a young age, and when I reached the age of 16 (legal age to start working in Serbia) I “left” school (I switched to a program which requires no attendance) to work full time as a software developer.:boom:

That escalated quickly because I was more than ready for the industry but I found that I’m more a visionary than an engineer. So I started learning everything needed in fields of the tech business, digital economics, marketing etc.

Fast forward 2 years, I’m now finally an adult, and I have expanded my professional career far more than I expected. I work in the field of Digital Transformation and Innovations.

  • I’m a member of TeleGroup Innovation. A 4-man team within TeleGroup system that is consulting Serbian companies how to prevail in the digital economy, delivering innovative business models as a result of our work (like Banks, Insurance companies, Food producers, Retailers…).
  • I work with a Serbian startup PetMe as a Head of Technology and Business Development. I oversee everything related to the development of business and platform.
  • I’m in process of the founding of an Innovation consulting and R&D company called InGrowth supporting new innovation management methodology I’m working on.
  • On Hacker Noon I write about Digital Transformation and Innovation topics.

And yes I have just 18 years. :smiley: I’m always open to chat, to work, to partner up or hang up with people for all around the world. If you want to discuss any topic or to connect with Serbian tech community (of which I’m an active member) I’m here.

We can talk here, on chat or you can reach on

Nice day to all. :hugs:


Hi all,

I’m Brian from Singapore, enjoying all stuff related to design and tech!

glad to meet you all :fire:


Hello all,

another blockchain nut here. :slight_smile:

CS geek for over 30yrs, back from when hacking was grabbing a solder iron, poke it at a CPU and hope the thing would still turn on afterwards. Now i try to hack this cryptoonomics revolution, my brain, and my kids’.
i live in portugal, right in the middle of the “civilized” west, and see how this old place is showing it’s age, europe looks like a crumpy old guy moaning not to be left behind, and i’m stuck right here… well, at least the real world now it right here, on the intarwebs :wink:

best to all


My name is Pirate Beachbum. I am a simple pirate who likes to write about Bitcoin, technology and travel. I really do not like to pound my chest about my accomplishments. I cofounded a successful technology company over a decade ago. I am a long time contributor to Hacker Noon and an advisor.

The best way to get to know me is through my writing.


Hello all, :smiley:

I am really glad to be part of the Hackernoon community!

My name is Ahmad ElAmine. I am a computer and communications engineer. I just started discovered that I love writing and started recently blogging on Medium. Here’s my profile if you’d like to check out my writings. I write about my knowledge as an engineer and some other life learned lessons, and my objective is to share my knowledge with others, inspire them, and make an impact.

To know more about me you can check my LinkedIn profile and perhaps connect with me too.

Hoping to get to know you all here, share ideas together and inspire each other!



Hello everyone! So excited to be here as part of Hackernoon’s rebirth and growth!

I’ve been involved in software development for over 20 years, primarily as a designer, consultant, and creative director in the videogame industry.

After spending the last decade focused on gamification and monetization (including a blockchain project) I’m currently shifting gears and moving into coding with a focus on full-stack development.

I’ve been writing code on and off since I was a kid, starting with basic and machine language on my Atari 800.

I’m also an author. You can find my Steampunk Superhero trilogy "The Society of Steam"on Amazon and other fine stores.


Hi everyone!

My name is Greg and I am a Software Developer (Java and recently in love with JS: React + Node) living in Zurich, Switzerland :switzerland:

:sun_with_face: Working full-time in a fintech company and
:crescent_moon: hacking a project on the side:

SwissDev Jobs ( - a curated job board with offers from Swiss IT companies.


Hi All,

Great to be here and e-meet you all :smile:. My name is Steven Hatzakis, I’m a licensed Commodity Trading Advisor (+20 yrs on Wall St), and primarily an expert Fintech/Finserv researcher (that work drives all my other roles).
I’m the voice :loudspeaker:and lead researcher/writer for which is a leader in non-bias online fx broker reviews. Previously I’ve worked as an Editor for fintech industry publications and wrote about bitcoin arbitrage in 2013. :zap:
I founded an early-stage startup where I’m an intermediate software engineer/architect, and junior developer, leading our R&D with a focus on the intersection of cybersecurity and blockchain (we offer some free tools :coffee::bagel:).

I advise a dozen companies through my consulting firm, and contribute to open-source projects on :octopus:, and also head a Blockchain Committee for an External Dispute Resolution (EDR) firm based in Hong Kong :globe_with_meridians:.

I’m a long-time fan of reading Hackernoon :green_heart: and looking forward to contributing as a new writer as well, as I’m very passionate about helping empower users :muscle: with powerful tools and information. I’m fully remote, travel often and in my free time when not reading/coding, I like to play chess :chess_pawn: , video games, paint astronomical art :milky_way: , and am a high energy (nutrition-minded) person and stay active by walking a lot and running :running_man: (+hiking & water sports) to build stamina for long hours behind the screen. :computer:


Hi everyone!

I am Working with application integrations for last 10 years at least, interested in technical gossips and work environments, talk about why usually integration projects fail or most of the time stays in feature branches.

Haven’t write any technical post yet, but found hackernoon a better and open platform to start my writings over what i have learnt so far. I am one of those, who went to medium and one day hackernoon and that day was last for medium. Especially when medium shows me alert that you are done for the month, and i was like ? … Wishing @David good luck and looking forward to first time when he is gonna edit my post’ title and we move on. I must say that green color being used (we call it parrot color , Tootiya back home) is not classy but yeah will get used to this one.

One more thing, my noon starts from around 7 in the morning :wink:

Looking forward for guidance and respect from other community members on board. Being father of 3 and all under 4yrs is some what a different experience i am passing through these days.

Thank you guys for the opportunity to introduction.


Hey everyone! I am highly resourceful, innovative, and competent PHP developer with extensive experience in the layout, design and coding of websites specifically in PHP format.
Possessing considerable knowledge of the development of VR applications and
scripts using programming language and MySQL & SQL Server databases.
Experienced in developing applications and solutions for a wide range of corporate,
charity and public sector clients and having the enthusiasm and ambition to
complete projects to the highest standard.


Hi, you don’t know me, but i know you. no, not a net stalker, just see your name as familiar, chaecked your link, and i had read your venezuela articles long time ago. nice stuff, so we stop worring about btc price once in while, see the real power in the tech.

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Hello team, good to be here!!!
Let’s connect


HeyHey everybody!
My name is Helen :slight_smile: And I am an e-commerce specialist working on Magento Platform. I want to improve my knowledges in this sphere and want to share with them also with you!

Looking forward to the exciting times ahead! :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Marc a long-time contributor to Hacker Noon and crypto data junkie.

So excited with this new community and that HN is truly an example of a hustling startup.

I published the original article How I Created a Bitcoin Trading Algorithm Using Sentiment Analysis With a 29% Return and HN has been my home ever since.

I’ve since went on to found Algohive, an algorthimic trading education community and then BizPayO a cash flow optimization platform that lets small businesses get paid faster and without the processing fees.

Looking to connect with fellow hackers and innovators seeking to help me build innovative payments products.

If I can help anyone in this community with advice or just talking tech hit me up!



My name is Roger Verhoeven from Amsterdam The Netherlands
Write about API/Bots/Blogging and SocialMedia and want to learn
more about it

My Blogs/SocialMedia on One Place

My 200 Words A Day Blog


Hi to all known unknowns in this community!
My name is Pedro, i am from Portugal, and i am currently teaching organisational theory and business strategy at a business school. I am passionate about the dynamics of international relations and management. My experience varies widely: from management to leadership, research and analysis, social/political affairs, innovation and technology.
As i am absolutely fascinated about technology, therefore I am a huge fan of hackernoon, i basically read an article or two every single day. From there to investing was a no brainer decision.
Greetings to all! Will happilly exchange conversations with anyone.