Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Hey, I am Okiki.

I am currently a student and part-time web dev. I like experimenting and learning. I primarily program in TS, JS, Sass, and Pug, but I want to learn Python, Dart, etc… I am overall generally curious, so, I hope to glean from the community.

I just finished making my first library…well the entire project is a mono-repo, so, I guess it’s more like my first 4 libraries, you can find it on Github at okikio/native.

The library I am most existed for is the @okikio/animate library, it’s an web animation library that takes advantage of WAAPI (the Web Animation API), I actually wrote an article on Hackernoon about it you can read it here,

As part of my summer projects, I also built a small online npm package bundler and minifier, you can find at

I am hoping to learn more from this community, and if you are interested in starting a project I’d be more than willing to help.

Hi guys crazy Laci here. I looove inventing crazy stuff.
I dream about building electric flapping wings reprogramming DNA of trees to grow houses at sea. self-3d printing solar panels at deserts and other crazy ideas. I recently come up with 400 times reusable 3d printable covid test that passed to XPrize semifinals but got stuck on money as usual ;D I had not had much luck in a life. my code blocks zero-day exploits on over 100m of computers company stolen patent fired me and put name of boss on patent that don’t even know how it works while I was in hospital after serious paragliding accident. But this is east europe not silicon valley and life goes on.One must look forward .covid blessed me with lost income so with that new free time I recently got crazy new ideas about ufo’s and AI and trying to do realtime TV fact-checking to prevent trump 2.0 while in private gpt3 beta and moving to opensource variant gpt-neo.I also lobbied a lot openai google to train gpt3 on arxiv and equations instead of random internet to create MathGpt capable of new math physics theories. I keep dreaming about a new life in america australia nz but world has changed a lot. visa requirements are pretty much impossible for me at 44 now so I am stuck in east europe but still dreaming.

Hi everyone, my name is German.:wave: I am a front-end lead, JavaScript, and Clojure programmer.

Also, I like productivity in its different forms and already wrote two articles on the topic.:slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to meet you!


Always happy extend my female founder network and exchange with other women in tech


hii arvindkgs,
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Hey everyone,
I am Parthi, and I am a Content writer for . I got the opportunity to work with you guys. Thanks to everyone here for growing into what it is today


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