Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Hello Everyone! :wave:

A pleasure to be here!

My nicname is Octopus :octopus: and I am from :ocean: White Sea. I ist Queer Crypto-Transhumanist. I simply couldn’t resist the urge to surf the wave of Blockchains, DLT, and the such.

I’m grateful :open_hands: to Hackernoon as they were the first publication that accept my writing in Sep, 2018 “Cryptocurrency: Adventure Time” :upside_down_face:

I’m not newbie in CryptoWorld but I’m not technical specialist, it’s just my favorite hobby that has become my favorite job. I can spend your time with other people, helping both them and yourself become a little bit better “Results Money Can’t Buy”. The to pump your skills to achieve new gols!

My Personally interested in PhilTech (Technologies for Philanthropy) :pray: and CryptoArt (The Blockchain world in Art).

To know more about me you can check MyLinkedIn and perhaps connect with me.

Thanks to @David and @linh for creating this awesome community :smile: :cat:


Hey all,

My name is Shivil. I recently turned 21 years old, and I’m currently an IT intern and digital coordinator. Outside of that, I am also a computer science major transferring to a university this following semester. I find myself scrolling through HackerNoon quite often and am hoping to expand my knowledge alongside the countless brilliant people on here.

I am actively trying to get deeper into the field of CS, however I often end up feeling stuck. Hopefully connecting with like-minded people will pull me out of that.

Outside of school and work, I am also a brazilian jiu jitsu competitor and coach. I have an incredibly ambitious and obsessive personality and those traits definitely describe my feelings about both coding and jiu jitsu.

It’s inspiring reading all of your posts. I’m glad to be here :slight_smile:
If you’d like to follow me moving forward, follow me on instagram

Thanks :smile:

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Hello everyone! I’m Nanette George. I write about the intersection of technology and people. I’m also head of content and communications for CloudFactory, a company that specializes in providing tech-amped workforce teams, mostly for AI data cleaning and structuring for machine learning.

Why I’m here:

  1. I’m fascinated with tech. When I was 7yo, my dad, who was a civilian software and robotics guy for the U.S. DoD, wrote a program that would speak to me with relevance. She’d ask my name, I’d type the answer, and she’d use my name in her next question. I remember seeing the vinyl-sized floppy he put in the disk drive to run that simple program! It dawned on me years later that was early NLP.

  2. I’m a researcher and writer. I’m taking a series of data-science courses online and exploring opportunities to tell stories about data science projects. I’m not a data analyst, but I’m an issues analyst for sure.

  3. I like Hackernoon’s content, how it serves the writer, and the authenticity of the stories. Excited about 2.0, which I just read about in David’s articles. Fascinating journey, and I’m happy Hackernoon weathered the storm. Stoked to have a seat in the audience here.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself! Look forward to seeing all that this community offers.


Hi all!

Better late than never, but my name is Faith and I’m an interim designer and prototyper for Hackernoon!

I’m a full-time frontend developer for a large company by day, but am really passionate and building up my skill set in UI design with the help of the team. I actually got into tech as an aspiring graphic and visual designer in college, but fell down the rabbit hole of Computer Science and stayed tumbling on.

I would really love to write a longer article about the process and sometimes struggle of designing as a technical non-designer, and meeting other ‘imposters’ in the community. I’ll be reaching out to and counting on you all for feedback as we build v2 to make sure it’s the best experience you can get.

Thanks for having me!


Hi :wave:! My name is Chris Castig. I’m a long-time reader of Hackernoon and very grateful for this community.

When I’m not reading Hackernoon, I’m teaching beginners how to code online at One Month. I’m also faculty at Columbia University where I teach Digital Literacy to MBAs.

I’m interested in writing and discussing the History (and future) of the Internet. I’ve written a few posts for Hackernoon in the past year. Here’s one of my favorites:

I’m looking forward to reading your posts!


Hi All,

This is Renju Paul Jose all the way from India. Specifically, the IT Hub of India, Bengaluru.

I did my Computer Science Graduation and I am working as an SDET currently. I and my team are working on Testsigma, an NLP based Test Automation Tool. Some of you may have already heard about it.

I read a lot of online content and was an avid reader of Medium earlier. Recently got interested in Hackernoon and I am hoping to stay around and learn more from the community.

Thanks for reading so far :grinning:


Hi everybody! (Hi Dr Nick!)

No wait, no, I’m not Dr Nick. I’m Jeremy Nation! I write about crypto, and tech. Sometimes I write about food and travel. Ask me stuff and I’ll give you answers and try to make you laugh!


Hi Ake! Solid seems like a worthwhile idea. If the internet as it is today (standards, protocols, etc) is the right and final version, Solid might be the proper way forward. We have the belief that there are a few things that could be updated and if we do update them, new models for data ownership do/should exist. How about you?

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Hi All,
I am Jayanga Lakmal. I am still an undergraduate student who likes travel and sports. I Like to Search and discover new things. My field is Information Technology.

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I would like to share my knowledge with you.

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Hi there,

I’m Alessandro. I’m a software engineer based in Dublin. I’m currently working at a very early stage startup contributing as a senior software engineer and scrum master. I’m passionate about continuous delivery, trunk based development and kaizen in technology. I love programming languages and I’m recently having fun with Kotlin. Lovely meeting you all.


Hi folks,

This is Niranjan from India, Bangalore
Did my PG in Data science and now i am working as an intern at HSBC Analytics
Passionate about deep learning. Read and write about deep learning at medium.


I am a coding Marketing person from Vienna (Austria). Favorite topics are Python, React, Test Automation and everything tech. I am part of the team which organizes the World’s Largest Developers Congress in June 2019 in Berlin. (If you want a cheap ticket drop me a line for a EUR 99 discount code)

My first programming language was QBasic back in 1989 :clock: which got me hooked, followed by Fortran, an adventure with Prolog, a short affair with Java and recently Python :fire: and React.


Hey guys! Chris here. Junior Frontend/Backend developer currently working at a bank. I develop Ionic and Angular applications backed by Laravel and NodeJS.

Looking forward.


Hi Stefanst,
How someone join this World’s Largest Developers Congress ??
Can you give me updates?

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Basically you go to the webpage, buy a ticket and then get to Berlin. I created a ticket code HACKERNOON which will give you 50%
If you go there drop me a line and let’s meet for a coffee and post a picture to Hackernoon :smiley:



I’m Akilan from India.
Writes software for living. Love system programming and network engineering. You can find me as aki237 in github and gitlab where I keep most of my projects.


Hi All! Happy to be a part of this community of writers, technologists, and futurists. I’ve been doing a lot of reading from the early days of computer history. Just got this gem in the mail (written in 1992):

I teach people how to use Tumult Hype, a tool for creating web animations with no code. Previously I’ve worked at a ML startup, web development agency, and my first gig was as an intern at the Photo Department at the New Yorker Magazine.

In August, I started an artists residency in the Catskill mountains of New York for ‘creative internet people’ called The Strange Foundation.

My latest Hackernoon piece is “The Great Bitcoin Scaling Debate — A Timeline” which only appeals to real cryptomasochists. I’m happy to see it become a reference point for understanding the weird history of Bitcoin.


Hi~ I’m Kira Leigh. :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m a tech creative who started my tiny little agency in 2017, and I’m just now scaling. I studied art education, and I’m a painter by trade, so I have literally no idea how I ended up in the career I’m in now.

(っ◔◡◔)っ :heart: Wild, wild ride, fam. :heart:

I write about a lot of stuff. Video games, SEO, marketing, the hiring process, business, blah.

Most of it is a snarky hot-take. I just really enjoy writing. If I’m not writing, I’m watching anime, barring that, drawing. Barring that, video games.

This is really cool and I’m happy to be here. Even if I’m not as storied as probably most people here are, I’m just happy to make new friends and learn alongside everybody.

And of course read amazing stories :blush:


Do you write on Hacker Noon :smile:?

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