Please Introduce Yourself :-)

Wow, this place has been around a lot longer that I though it was. (Considering this thread started back in March.)

My name is Jason Charney, I often go by the handle JRCharney on most of my social networks, and I’ve been following HackerNoon for as long as I was on Medium.

I was first introduced to Logo and Basic when I was in elementary school. Nothing to deep. They were just letting us have computer time there but a few things stuck with me.

In middle school I started using ClarisWorks and Microsoft Office. I think the first computer program that I made was a program that solved matrix equations in ClarisWorks. Later on, I would start to play around with formulas in Excel. It did not help me that at the time, everyone was saying “Macros are bad! We won’t accept files with Macros because they may contain a virus.” So that set me back.

I’m a graduate of Maryville University St. Louis class of 2007 with a Bachlors of Science in Computer Science. I’ve run my own website since about 2003, though for about the past few years, I have no idea what to do with it since I do a lot of my writing on other websites.

I’m a high functioning autistic person who is a blunt disability advocate especially since it is rather difficult for a lot of people with a disability to get hired. (I don’t do pity parties. You hit a wall, and you try to break through.) I don’t think I got my first real job after college until about 2016 of which I’ve done a lot of stuff in my spare time that didn’t count towards “professional experience” ether because I was self taught or I wasn’t in an office. I don’t blame my disability for why my resume isn’t a long list of companies. I graduated in 2007, right as the recession imploded the economy, and it really didn’t help that some employers used that as an excuse not to hire. Then came that whole “entitlement” phase where everyone though millennials were selfish brats thinking the world owes them a higher up position. I just wanted to get my career started in an entry level position. I don’t know where this “young and egotistic” nonsense came from. So life has been really difficult for me for the last 12 years.

Aside from that strife, I attempted to complete Cisco Certified Networking Academy over the past couple of years, managed to get 3 or the 4 required classes done, still haven’t taken that big exam where they run you through a metal detector to make sure you don’t cheat at some exam you have to take again a few years later. I attempted to do the security class. Didn’t do so well.

My college professors though that JavaScript was just a toy language, which is why they focused most of their teaches on C++ and JavaScript, but left out a lot of important stuff like callbacks and functional programming. So that really did not help me until I started exploring the local user ground and learned about Ruby. I know I should be learning about Python, but the siren song of Node.js has me drawn back to JavaScript, which is why I have 900+ tabs open in Chrome right now. (Somebody call TLC, and make an episode of Horders about that!).

I started really getting back into the local coding scene in 2014. At the time I didn’t have a laptop. I was completely broke and decided one Friday afternoon after going to the doctor to go to some coding event downtown instead of home. I managed to work with a group of folks to work on a code project over the weekend for Code for America.

Between 2014 and now, I have slowly but surely worked my way from the bottom to somewhere that I’m impressionable to other people…just not to people wanting to hire me or pay me money form some reason.

The last couple of jobs I had were at this startup incubater called T-REX in St. Louis. The folks who run the place are awesome, it’s too bad the people I was working for when I was there were not as awesome.

Despite all that I started learning more about Raspberry Pi. Then I learned what some Raspberry Pi people were doing with their Pis and making Hacktops out of theirs. If anyone remembers the Motorola Atrix, there was an accesory where you could plug this phone into a Lapdock and it would become a netbook. Sadly, their was no mass market appeal for the Lapdock, but enthusiasts were picking them up on eBay for like $100. At that time the Raspberry Pi 2B was still the Raspberry Pi Foundations best computer, and with some searching on Amazon and eBay I managed to find the adapters to plug in a Raspberry Pi into the Lapdock to make my first Hacktop.

Around that time I was going to events like Code Until Dawn (which has been disbanded and replaced with a new event called Code Till Dawn locally), bringing my Hacktop, working on Raspberry Pi stuff. I learned about other Single Board Computers such as the ODroid, which for a little while I used to mount onto my hacktop, but it require a separate power supply despite being a mini-performance powerhouse. So I decided to just stick with Raspberry Pis.

That same time I started tinkering around with Software Defined Radio (SDR) because it was cheap. (You can get an RTL-SDR V3 for like $35 with the antennas and whatnot on Amazon.) I was really impressed when I saw SDR being used in the movie Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I’ve been hitting up Codepen a lot the past few years. (I’m actually surprised there aren’t fields for Codepen, JSFiddle, JSBin, or as part of the profile. Somebody should get on to that.) Its been a good experience allowing me to get back to my coding roots of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which I had been meddling with since high school. (HTML4 was a long time ago!)

I mostly just hang out at home because I don’t make as much money as I used to. I got an interview coming up, but so are feeling of imposter syndrome. I feel like I should be delivering like a whole bunch of Angular/React crap, when honestly I’ve never used Agile Development mostly because I could never seem to get a job where I could be on a team or retain friends mostly due to my social awkwardness and the fact that I must be the only computer geek from North St. Louis County some times. (I mean, it’s not like anybody ever comes over to do some pair programming or offer to carpool to work.)

So I’d really like to find my posse here. Make some new friends. Find some old ones. Start cracking the networking whip. It was hard for me to make and keep friends as a kid. It’s even harder to do that as an adult when so many other people are starting their own families or changing careers or moving to greener pastures. I don’t get that feeling of belonging from hanging out with these folks who say they want to help people with disabilities find jobs, but what they really mean is they want guys to fold towels for a living. It’s like “screw that, I went to a 4 year college”. A lot of them seem to think we have TV commerical slogans memorized or that we just stay home and watch Jerry Springer. (I got a Netflix account, tyvm. I could care less about TV.) I grew up working on technology. I wanted to work in a career dedicated to technology. I though I’d break even having said career in technology. It only works if other people get what I’m talking about.

Maybe I’m just sharing too much information about myself. There was a lot to unpack here.

I’m really hoping that now there is a new community, there is a gateway to entry once again to promote myself, to tell others about what I’m good at, and to obliterate the perceived stereotypes people have about people with disabilities.

Lately, I’ve been trying to set up my Hacktop to use ArchLinuxARM (ALARM) for a RaspberryPi 3B. The activity I’ve been writing about that subject has been quite fluid the past few months.

I’ve been spending way too much time in front of my computers, and when I’m not doing computer stuff, my mind just things about all sorts of high level math (vector calculus, multi-integral calculus, partial derivatives, etc.) and how to explain all that geek trash into English that and make it fun for what ever normal person who can’t stand STEM stuff, even if they say that they like it. (You can’t fully appreciate it unless you get bored one summer and do all the stuff that most high school and college professors won’t even touch.)

When I’m not doing that, I’m into gardening (preferably potted plants or hydroponics), riding my bike (if my tires weren’t flat at the moment), hanging around with my cats or being an awkward adult who like to watch cartoons like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Rick & Morty, and even that new She-Ra animated series that came out this past year. I’d do a lot more stuff if I wasn’t broke.

And so end my LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post introducing myself.

I look forward to contributing.


My first app was a content management system written in WordBasic, my first community was the Winword gadflies on CompuServe back in the Pleistocene of desktop computing. The Access 1.0 beta stirred a latent desire to be a database programmer, and I wrote many books, articles, courseware, help topics and answered questions first on CompuServe and then on the newsgroups. I had a great career–wrote a lot (books, courseware, white papers, certification exam items, blah blah blah) spoke at conferences (starting with TechEd in 1995) and became known as a database expert specializing in security with a 5-star book on amazon. This is my first foray back into the tech world since 2010 when I was fired for (best as I can tell) being uppity to a male manager. Community jump-started my career by paying it forward, helping people by answering questions. Joining here is my first toe back in the water since then.

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Hello Hacker Noon Community! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
My name is Nikita and I’m a newbie at Hackernoon. :slightly_smiling_face:
Now I’m working as content specialist at Belitsoft. Our developers build custom software for startups and large companies from the USA, UK, Israel, and other countries.
So, we have expert content in areas such as:

  • E-learning software development
  • Healthcare software development
  • Voice & Speech recognition software development
  • Financial software development
  • Telecommunication software development

You could find several articles on these topics in my profile. Hope you find something useful there :wink:
Looking forward to your updates! :boom:


Hello Hacker-noon Family :slight_smile:

This is Irfan Ahmed & i’m a digital marketer by profession & passion since 11 years, i have done my graduation with marketing degree, Hubspot certified & i’m also passionate about Internet of things, tech, blogging, writing etc.

Its my honor that i’m a part of H.N community, I was a medium user but i have remember when i published my story critical mistakes can kill business on medium @David emailed me first time to allow this story at hackernoon, when H.N associated with medium. Well its an excellent journey in my life.


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Hi! I’m Henry. I used to work as a manager at a logistics company, but I didn’t like that job much, so I decided to change my occupation and recently I’ve started learning web design. I found out about hackernoon on medium and became interested. That’s why I’m here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds Good, All the best for your new carrier…

Thanks a lot!

hello Everyone,
My name is Richard… I am looking forward to learning from you all…

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Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:
My name is Ana and I’m a newbie at Hackernoon from Madeira Island, Portugal :desert_island: :portugal:.
I started coding in 1992 and I have a master degree in Software Engineering.
I’m working as technical advisor at a small international company Connecting Software, and I am now working with integration of business software and blockchain technology.

Hi Friends,
I am new here. I am a Digital marketer and passionate blogger.

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i refixed(2) im 61 yrs old… unfortunately i got a stroke oct 21 2018, i was capable testing the h card and whatever came afterwards, i enjoyed that very much, i hate government of all tierd, dont like authority ever since kindergarden, spent jail time when i wasnt guilty (not what i was charged for)… I love my kids but they get on my ner call fixves, lol… I love hunting but as i age i dont like to kill very much, i was a contractor for 43 hrs( i miss it) im hyper as hell, that what im about!!!
I forgot, i used to spend hrs on internet helping others and i also help when i got paatience on a website called fixya or something like that… i have over 12,000 helps accredited to me as of now… i could get money to answer calls but my inability doesnt work, well cya you

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Hi my name is Joe, I used to write as a hobby and my last job involved genealogical research. I got my lucky break recently as a writer with the growing crypto industry and can’t wait to continue sharing my stories with the Hackernoon community!

News Tech, edited by Samir Sali, is an information website dedicated to the world of Information technology and new technologies, whether it is Smartphone, equipment, mobility, the business world, connected object, cloud computing, cyber security, or video games.

objectives :

  • on the one hand, to keep you informed of technological developments in the broadest sense;

  • on the other hand to help you in your understanding and use of the tool

technological, through the regular publication of tips and general or specialized files.

The website was just created in 2019 under the personal impetus of a desire to inform and, above all, to provide assistance to Internet users who need to be well informed at all times.

Since that date, the site will improve day by day, to propose new sections and features. My objective is to increase the number of visitors to the site and finally to make News Tech one of the recognized players on the French-speaking technological scene.

My desire and motivation is to provide you with quality information, and to help you in a concrete way with articles and tips that are always more relevant.

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My name is Kristian, we develop a digital signage software platform. Check out our site if you like, and our platform. Give me feed back on what you think. and

Happy to be here!


The name’s Oliver and I am definitely human and not a puppy. I like to write a lot so eventually you might know my name and read some of my articles when I come up with great ideas for all of you.


Hi :raised_hand:t6: My name is Charles but you can call me by my handle if you like. Im new to hackernoon. I joined because it seems like a really great community to start my coding empire :japanese_ogre: All jokes aside im really new to coding. I’ve tried for years to learn but all everyone teaches is hello world and basic projects to have no meaning to me really. I still have yet to find out what my first project is going to be. I would love the help from everyone here and hope to grow in this community. Sorry for the bad grammar :grimacing:


Hi, I’m João. I love Software and Coding :space_invader:. I also like music a lot, especially Indie/Pop :microphone:. Films :film_projector:, art :art:, fashion :dress:, books :books: are also hobbies of mine. I’m also a sports enthusiast :medal_sports:. This site is amazing and I think there are lots of interesting articles here. I also find that the dev community is very vibrant here. :computer::computer_mouse::desktop_computer:. Hope to learn a lot and broaden my network here!


Hello THere,

My name is Rinki Sharma, I am a Senior Digital Marketing Professional having 5+ solid years of experience in the same field & currently working in a company providing Digital Marketing Services in Gurgaon I love to write on various topics related to digital marketing like SEO, SMO, web designing, etc. You guys can see my work here>>

Thanks for hearing me. Kindly introduce yourself as well.


Hello HN Community!

My name is Javed, I’m a Open Source Developer working in the UK for an agency. I predominantly work with WordPress but can do bits and bobs in Laravel, Shopify, Magento and Umbraco.

I’ve been reading articles on HN for a while now but have never signed up to the community, just the newsletters. I hope to post some articles on here. I have my own site after a long time, a static GatsbyJS blog. I’m going to start blogging on there as well as here. I use to be on Medium but with the paywall fiasco I decided to stop using it.

I hope to make some friends on here and build on my knowledge and learn bits and bobs from everyone on here.

Thanks for having me!


Hello Everyone.
I am Charlie Doe from the USA working as an own business of FiberGlass Supplier.
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I have good command on the latest technologies like IoT for Industries, AR & VR for Branding.

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