PIVX and 200+ PoS Chains Currently Vulnerable; Chains Already Under Attack

PIVX and 200+ PoS Chains Currently Vulnerable; Chains Already Under Attack

An exploit being used across PIVX and its forks have developers scratching their heads as PIVX claimed to have fixed the bug back in January 2019. However, this is most certainly not the case. The BitGreen Core developers were the first to publicly report this exploit out in the wild again and even noticed the exploit being used across various other chains, including PIVX itself. What’s worse is that PIVX has known that this bug was not fixed and has kept quiet to themselves.

Here comes an official statement from PIVX developers (Fuzzbawls/etc):
In response to the article currently being circulated: We were made aware of suspicious behavior on the PIVX network last week and have since been investigating the claim that our proof-of-stake algorithm is under attack. At this point, we can confirm that the suspicious behavior is in fact NOT a resurgence of the “Fake Stake” attack from earlier this year, as the article claims.

There are no indications that user funds are at risk, or that the network’s stability or chain trust have been compromised.

We are in communication with other projects and will seek to include as many as possible as our investigations progress and report to them how to properly fix any problem(s) keeping in the spirit of Responsible Disclosure practices.

Investigations are still under way as to the reported suspicious behavior, and a more detailed findings report will be issued once investigations are concluded.

Of note: the author of the article was informed of this ongoing investigation, but chose to jump to false conclusions instead of wait for the proper response.

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