Permanently labeled as Brand Author

Hi Editorial team,

I’m unable to send new posts for review and publication since my last post got rejected.

That rejected post was incorrectly labeled as a Brand Author post but that’s not what worries me (I just published that post somewhere else). What worries me is that now I cannot publish any other posts unless I buy credits.

Is that normal? Am I now labeled as a Brand Author for all my future posts? Or is it a bug?

Please help.

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Hi, nice to meet you.
Usually we mark stories as “brand” when it promoting some brands without disclosure of vested interests. Can you share draft URL to your story?
We can remove that label, but it’s part of our work to separate promoting with tech stories from individuals. Yes, usually when your profile marked as brand - next posts require brand-as-author credits.


Here’s the story I’m trying to publish now:

None of my articles are brand articles, so I’m not sure why my account has been flagged.

Please let me know what can I do to correct this! Thanks in advance.

Hi again Arthur, is there any way we can resolve this issue and publish the post before the Thanksgiving break in the US?


I read your draft. looks fine. can you tell me your email address?

Thanks Arthur. The email address is

Let me know if you need anything else.

brand label was removed. can you submit your story for review now?

It works great now. Post submitted for review. Thanks again for your help!

published! it’s a pleasure to help

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I’ve submit an article last week. But didn’t get a response.

@EVelyn.J please submit your request to this thread: Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)