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@arthur.tkachenko @natasha Please take it review my story:

It’s upto 2 days

hi @faizan4it, just published it. please use this forum topic next time Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)

And usually we checking requests with more than 4 days - just to let you know. or it will harm to our reviewing process :slight_smile: hope for understanding.

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Can you please this article.

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Hi guys, main thread for reviewing stories located here: Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)

I have submitted stories on Hackernoon 2.0. Please review it as it is my first blog. I hope you guys can review this one.

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could you please review my story I had submitted it 6 days ago.

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Kindly Review my Article Please let me know what is the status?

hey sorry we missed this. read through, do you have any vested interest or business relationship to XanPool or any of the companies mentioned? if so, please disclose for publishing consideration

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I actually have no vested interest in any of the companies, the companies have been mentioned to give real-life examples so the readers can relate to it and are not intended for promotional reasons. Without naming the companies giving an example of how the non-custodial model works in the real world would not entirely be relatable. Especially for people who do not really know about how most companies function. You can see in the article that it does not lean towards any one company.

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I wrote a piece on 10 Tips for a better writing style for business and it’s still pending approval! Kindly please review it! Here’s the link to the draft-


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