Over 2000 crypto licenses issued in Estonia

Over 2000 crypto licenses issued in Estonia

In 2019, Estonia is a dream destination for a blockchain project in entire Europe to start a business for several contributing factors. Most significant of all is the ease-of-doing-business thanks to favorable government policies, while other factors like online company registration, workforce capability, and low cost of running a business cannot be overlooked. Company registration takes up to 48h and to acquire crypto trading licenses up to 30 days. A total of over 2000 crypto trading licenses have been issued in Estonia.

So, planning to open a company in Estonia? But, you don’t know anything about this Northern European nation, don’t you worry as Consulting24 is there to help you out by providing you all the assistance you need to set up a successful business in Estonia.

Starting a Crypto Business in Estonia

With Estonia being one of Europe’s few countries where the government itself is supporting digital currency to gain ground in its financial economy, that’s why this small nation is popularly termed as the heaven of cryptocurrency on Earth.

Consulting24 is the top licenses provider in Estonia. Will help you obtaining a license for operating a crypto business in Estonia. There are two options when it comes to licensing for companies dealing with cryptocurrencies; Virtual Wallet Operating License, and the other one being the Cryptocurrency Exchange Operating License.

Virtual Wallet Operating license

This crypto license allows companies to offer virtual service to their clients. This is done in a manner; the wallet service provider generates keys for the customers or to store their encrypted keys. These keys are for the purpose of storing & transferring electronic currencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Operating License

Issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Operating License let you operate a fully-functional crypto exchange in the country. You can exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to fiat, and cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

If you are planning to apply for both the license Consulting24 will be drafting a AML documentation for obtaining a license to start a cryptocurrency business.

E-Residency Program in Estonia

Estonia is the world’s first fully digital society where the government regulates each and every aspect of running a country online, thanks to the E-Residency government program in Estonia. Under this scheme, the Estonian government provides a unique identity card to people residing in any part of the world. This ID card will allow them to set up a company in a trusted EU environment.

The entire Estonian company registration is done online, and the documents are signed and submitted digitally. Consulting 24 has extensive expertise in assisting investors from across the globe on how to become e-residents of Estonia.

Service Packages of Consulting 24

Gold Package 5900 Euros

  • Help with Estonian Company Registration
  • Authorized person 1 year fee
  • Virtual address 1 year fee
  • Obtaining a Wallet License
  • Get an Exchange License

Readymade companies for Sale in Estonia

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