Outsource vs in-house app development


I’m planning to build an eCommerce Application. Should I outsource or hire an in-house team to build my app?


We hired an in-house team to build HN 2.0 for 100% control of the app! It’s more expensive but the incentive is all aligned!


Thank you Gibson, It’s inspired!


I think you should hire an in-house team to build app.


I think you should make a list of pros and cons for these two topics.Then compare them and choose which one is better for you.
Outsourcing could be a more cost-effective and risk-free approach for a one-time build, while an internal team might make more sense long-term if you’re developing a scalable product that will be frequently updated.
What about in-house,I think that it’s not so easy to build mobile apps in-house. And for me it is the ideal strategy for large companies.
So compare and choose! Good luck!


If money is not an issue, go in-house, assuming you are able to find/attract a decently capable team being non-technical yourself - which carries its own set of considerations.

Personally I have been using outsourced developers on/off for the past 6 years. Definitely hit and miss. By miss I mean losing every dollar put in. Though over the last few years Wework, 99Design etc have stepped up their games to help owners make better decisions.

Overall, I’m willing to put in the extra time and effort working with offshore developers in order to get a product built on modest budget.


first of all - you should hire a software documentation expert. it will save you money/time and energy. without any documentation - your engineers even SuperPro/Star/Google/Tesla developer can stuck.