Outbound Call Center software

What main features to consider for Outbound call center, which allows to run multiple call campaigns for the same team of agents?

Outbound call center software automates the process and saves time & efforts taken to handle the outgoing calls. It helps in call monitoring and recording for quality assurance; providing scripts to agents to reduce redundancy and enhance productivity; and much more. Universal productive solution like VoiptimeCloud outbound call center software can easily run multiple call campaigns for the same team of agents. These are some great options which benefit this cloud based call center solution (features to consider):
preview dialer - displays the client card on the agent’s screen
power dialer - connects your agents with prospects
predictive dialer - calculates how many outbound calls can be made based on real-time data
progressive dialer - ensures an effective calls-to-agent ratio
auto answering machine detection - connects agents with real people only
auto callback - generates auto callbacks created by agents during cold calling