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Hello, My name is Andreas and I’m the creator of NewCryptoCasinos.com, we are looking forward to be a part of the Hackernoon community.

We looking forward for gambling related discussion and if you are an operator please feel free to contact us if you want to be a part of our crypto gambling guide, at the moment we are looking for new bitcoin poker rooms for our new site dealerslounge.com.

If you are a player and have some tips or ideas of good operators that allows players to deposit with cryptocurrencies, please get in touch or drop a comment.

Best regards and have a great day.


Hello! , I’ve been playing a lot on TRON ( TRONBET, PLAY.GOC ) for the moment you can only play using TRX, or other coins on the Tron blockchain, but its definitely worth the time to check it out,if you havent, really smooth dapps. and they will accept other cryptos in the future. Tronbet for sure has the most users, but play.goc.network is awesome too. have a good one !

whats mean you are looking for a btcoin poker room?
We are the blockchain game dapp or community maker in China called Dalian Qianyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
So if have any idea regarding the dapp we could make it into reality with reasonable cost.
We have many finished products publish in China could send the demo FYR.
If need any block chain software just contact with me by email as