Only title of stories showing up

I don’t know what’s the problem here, but only the title is showing up. Article body is deleted. Also, whenever I try to open my hackernoon 1.0 stories, it opens up a blank editable page.

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Hey @isudhanshu25, your story is live again: “Bitcoin Safety: A Guide on How to keep your wallet and Private Keys secure.” I apologize for the downtime, migrations are tough.

If any other errors in your account, please fill out this form to get our errors to the product team as fast as possible. Additionally, you can then connect your Medium account to your Hacker Noon account like so.

Note that since you already have a community account, please log in using the same email & password via You can also find that link by clicking “get started” on the upper right of

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Hi @David
I had filled out the form, but still most of the stories have same issue. I have already connected medium to my hackernoon account. Thanks for fixing the first story. :slight_smile: