Online classes vs on site classes


What do you prefer when you learn a new skill?
A flexible class on a platform like Udemy, coursera or go to a class in person?



I’ve been really enjoying the courses I’ve been taking on Udemy, but it can often be nice to have a specific place to go to and learn - particularly having someone who can give you guidance. The Q&A section on Udemy helps a little there, but I guess it is also good practice to have to research it and figure it out yourself anyway :slight_smile:



The tuition bubble will pop one day…



For fast pace i prefer online classes, but for more in depth learning i prefer on site classes because i can ask directly to the lecturer.

But not all lecturer are comfortable to be asked, you have to try to adapt with it :smiley:

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I prefer online class like udemy. I used to go to school almost all of my education period , nevertheless I don’t want to go at this period. There is less time to live.




The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my situation. I would recommend to only purchase one course at a time and finish it before moving on to the next. I have some friends who get excited to learn a new skill, end up buying a bunch of courses, and never started.


  • Affordable (wait for their $10 deals)
  • Learn on my own pace
  • Q&A with the author is decent
  • Certification of course completion


  • you’re on your own
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Online courses have surely given level playing field to non-computer degree holders.

Coursera keeps you engaged for measured amount of time between sessions - providing you with opportunity to do assignments - and that is something more important when it comes to coding pattern establishments in brain. Udemy is much more flexible in terms of pricing and lecture timings.

That said, individual course quality has enormous impact that cannot be ruled out, and I have written extensively on that.

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If you want to have success in learning something new, you should do both of these methods.
But I prefer more private class with a specialist, that can concentrate only on you,your mistakes and success



I prefer learning via online courses and tutorials. The flexibility is a key factor when taking a busy schedule into consideration. Being able to learn and take courses on demand is a necessity for me.