One Word Domains - Database of all available one-word domains

Hello Hackernoon!

I recently built One Word Domains, which is a tool that allows you to browse through a list of all the available and brandable one-word domains out there. After launching it a month ago, it got to #2 on Product Hunt and the front page of Hacker News, and has had over 25K users who bought 160+ domains that were listed on the site.

If any of you are looking for the best available one-word domain names for your side project, feel free to check out the site - there’s over 100,000 available one-word domains there on 20+ TLDs (.ai, .app, .co, .io, .com, .org, .net, .me, .so, and even .com with get- prefix etc.)

Also, if you have any feedback about One Word Domains - I’d love to know!


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Hey @steventey, cool idea. Lots of demand for one word places on the internet. I think you’ve done some interesting design choices to create a sense of urgency, specifically by showing view counts and domain purchase volume.

In my first time experience on the list of .ai domains, there are two things I found unsettling: 1) ordering alphabetically doesn’t make much sense, leads to a bunch of random words that start with “a” instead of enticing words atop the list, and 2) not surfacing the price - I know that’s a more complicated issue - but having to click through to find price makes me want to search for domains elsewhere.

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Hi @David! Thanks a lot for your insightful comment! I totally agree with your feedback - I’m actually planning to come up with a carousel for each individual TLD page that would have a curated list of the best domains for that particular TLD, while the full list can be accessed below that. As for the pricing - I’ve received a bunch of requests to include that as well and it’s definitely on my to-do list!

Also, I’ve actually just written a Hackernoon article detailing my build process for One Word Domains - here it is if anyone is interested:

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